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 Post subject: Southern Cross Meeting
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:48 am 
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A sign could be seen posted up at the guild, signed by Jennifer Hamilton, the guild's seer. There was to be a meeting by all available guild members to plot the final assault on Dracula's castle.

Name: Jennifer Hamilton Bewitching Seer
Sigils: Dryadin, Willowisp, Vienta, Vemous, Freija, El-Ahriril
Runes: Endorok, Nichser, Tier, Morpho, Unviro,
Quest/ORP on: Silver Wings

Character Name: Alice Springward Unlucky Witch
Sigil: Cherubim, Nariad
Runes: Destrok, Sentak, Vitale, defkon
Quest/ORP currently on: Mansion of the Sun

Name: Van Cheerful Thief
Sigi: Vienta
Runes: Destrok Morpho
Quest/ORP currently on:

Name: Ramona Servant of Y'Leigha
Quest/ORP on: Free the Children

 Post subject: Re: Southern Cross Meeting
PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:36 am 
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((OOC: I thought we were doing the Mindbender quests first? Also, I'm starting up on Bris's quest first. Will this be stretched out for a while?)

Character Name: Wilhelm Grimm
Species: Human
Classes: Necromancer, Merchant, Pirate
Weapons: "Ol' Rusty", various scalpels and other instruments
Money: 137G 9S
Possessions (equipped): Hat, Hooded Cloak, Tabard, Boots
Possessions (inventory): Autopsy Tools, 20 Page Notebook (15 out of 20 pages left), 1 Blank Scroll, 1 Piece of Flint, 3 days worth of travelling food, 1 pack of Cigarette Paper, 1 tin of Tobacco, 1 pack of Modern Matches, 1 Wooden Pipe, 1x Canteen, 1x Bandages
Quests Completed: Lost Scarecrow, Black Reunion (ORP)
Quests Currently On: A Debtor's Hardships
Reputations: Undaunted Necromancer
Skill Record:
Servants: 5 Maximum.
Summoned: 2x Zombies, 1x Hand Floater
Unsummoned: "Dire Wolf" Chimera (Monster).
Autopsied: Chimera, Human.
Sacrificed: 2
Sphere of Influence: 18 feet.
Unlocked Abilities: Raise Monster, Become Undead

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 Post subject: Re: Southern Cross Meeting
PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:45 pm 
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((I'll go ahead and say that my quest won't be too long overall. So long as everyone is active (which I'll make sure they will be), it shouldn't take more than a few weeks to complete it once it’s actually gotten started. I know that most everyone here is looking forward to these 'big' quests, so I'm not about to hold anyone up.))

Name: Bris Shepherd
Species: Wild Lycanthrope (Wolf)
Classes: Swordsman, Fistfighter, Privateer
Weapons: 2 Long swords, 8" combat knife, Colt Army Model 1860
Armor: Tabbard
Money: 68g 9s 9c
Possessions: Large Rucksack, Blindfold, Long Duster, Fedora, Bandages, Notebook (x2), Map and Compass, Canteen, Black Hooded Cloak, Local History Book, Crumbled Up Newspaper, Cursed Pebble Wrapped in Handkerchief
Quests Completed: 0
Official RPs Completed: 1
Skills Record:
White Fang's Feast- Begins with a series of combo attacks to create an opening in the enemy’s stance, followed by a powerful finishing blow across their chest.
Air Slash- By working his Projectile Attacks Ability into his swordplay, can send out a blade of sharpened air to cut an opponent from a distance.
Name: Jacques Renoiseau
Species: Human
Classes: Acolyte, Occultist, Aristocrat
Weapons: Wooden Staff, Engraved Dagger
Armor: Tabbard
Money 11g
Possessions: Holy Weapons- (20 Knives, 4 Axes, 2 Vials of Holy Water, 2 Crosses, 2 Oak Stakes, 1 Mallet, 2 Garlic Laurels 3 Silver Stakes) Autopsy Tools, Canteen, Map and Compass, 20pg Notebooks (x2), Bandages, Fork and Spoon, Can Opener, 2 Torches, Pack of Modern Matches, Canned Food(x3)
Quests Completed: 0
Current Quest: Mansion of the Sun
Name: Henry Adenauer
Species: Human
Classes: Slayer, Swordsman, Judasari
Weapons: Longsword, Spear, Leather Whip, Flail
Armor: Full Set of Leather Armor, Tabbard
Money: 44g
Possessions: Holy Weapons- (8 Knives, 2 Axes, 0 Vials of Holy Water, 1 Cross, 1 Oak Stake, 1 Mallet, 3 Silver Stakes), Pack of Modern Matches, Map and Compass, Roll of Bandages, 20pg Notebooks (x2)
Quests Completed: 0
Official RPs Completed: 2
Skills Record:
Austreibenblatt- At the cost of one holy knife, holy magic can be transferred into his sword to give it holy properties for three minutes.
Blitz Zieht: In a single movement, Henry unsheathes his sword and comes forward to slash the opponent with blinding speed.

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