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Author:  Inisad [ Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Inventing

2 Improved Craftsman's Blades

Refined steel bracer with retractable blade
3 rotating circular plates etched with runes are placed around an incomplete spell circle to facilitate written spellcasting of all known spells
((Design approved by Drake))
Buying 3 refined steel bricks
Gold Before: 180g
Cost: 120g
Gold After: 60g

The apprentice sighed as he wiped the sweat from his brow, but the sound of his brother's pounding made so even he could not hear the sound it made. This isn't what I signed up for... he thought to himself, staring down at the diagram he'd been given. The meticulous detail in which each piece had been drawn would have awed him under different circumstances; he had always been fond of detail, and had formerly crafted weapons of such intricacy that they had often been mistaken for his teacher's work. He took pride in the fact that his works were both functional and elegant, and often bragged that those felled by his blades would die with adoration on their faces, rather than fear.

But though this work was intricate, and delicate, it was hardly worth his time. He, an apprentice blacksmith almost the equal of the master craftsman of Barrows Manor, was reduced to forging cogs. And cogs for what, some great timepiece? No, cogs for the private use of a new master who didn't even bother to explain their purpose. Their armory had been raided, with nary a weapon, shield, or armor piece worth mentioning, and rather than helping the master craftsman replenish their supplies, he and his brother were to assist this Lord Kyrad in some personal project.

The sudden silence brought him out of his thoughts. His brother seemed to have completed his portion of the project. What's more, he seemed to be pleased with himself. The oaf had a smile across his face large enough to forge on, and indeed just looking at him gave the urge to take a hammer to it. Hurrying back to his own work, he took a pair of calipers and measured the width of the tooth. It was perfect, as usual.

He set the final cog next to its fellows on the tray. Each piece he had created lay neatly, organized by shape and size. Gently lifting the tray, he walked over to where his new lord was set about his own work, forming rounded disks and inlaying them with various symbols. Staring down at the latest work, he was awestruck to find that the intricate details he was laying down came with no accompanying parchments. Surely he was not doing such works from memory alone...


"Mathias, please don't throw your works around as if they were cheap toys. Your craftsmanship is far too advanced for such carelessness." Kyrad stated without a single pause in his work. "And Lucius, that isn't necessary, you may leave those there," he added as Lucius began setting his cogs in order again, undoing the damage his brother had caused by tossing his bracers onto the table before them. Reluctantly, he stopped. But the presence of their new master would not go so far as to prevent him shooting a contemptuous glace at his older sibling. The brute had always been good at making shields and armor, but his works were dull, flat, and had no pride in them beyond their functionality. This time had been no different; the bracers were sturdy and to specifications, but beyond that they had no qualities worth mention.

"Sorry m'lord," Mathias's grin was now a bit sheepish, but no less wide.

"And I know I've told you more than once to not call me that. Tagging 'Lord' onto your name is like placing a sign on you that says 'Rob me, I think I'm important!'" Indeed, Kyrad was not a fan of titles, but seeing as he had grown up without even a surname, it was understandable. It was bad enough when he had joined the Guild and been forced to take Darkspawn, a nickname that had stayed with him since birth, permanently as his own, he would not allow himself to be known as Lord Darkspawn to anyone. He was Kyrad, and unusual as the name was, it was his, and he liked it.

"Sorry m', sorry," Mathias replied, his smile not dimming in the slightest. Lucius's contempt didn't wane either, at least not until he tore his eyes from his brother and noticed all his work had gone missing. Astonished, he looked to Kyrad's hands and saw that his pieces had already been set into place in the bracers, again not a scrap of parchment to be seen. Had he looked a few moments later, he might never have discovered their fate, as the final round plates enclosed the mechanisms. Taking his tools up again, Kyrad began inlaying the bracers around the plates, using the same careful motions unaided by anything but memory.

The hands themselves were impossible to follow, as each took its own distinct path and seemed to belong to two separate people, each taking their own path to the same destination. Despite his animosity towards the task he'd been given, it was impossible not to be humbled by the work before him. Then again, seeing as this man had conquered unbelievable odds to lift the curse on the manor, that admiration should probably have already been impressed on them.

"Boys," by the startled look on his face, it seemed Mathias had also been admiring the work before him, "what about the other task I asked of you?"

"S'already done. Twas easy compared to this." Mathias seemed to be the only one who had thought so. Then again, given the vagueness of the directions, Mathias had been easily pleased with the little work they had put into it. Lucius would have liked to have done more, but their other task had been the more pressing in his eyes, and now it was too late to make any changes.

"Show me"

Outside, a small area had been cleared on their master's orders. As instructed, the two boys had taken any useless items they could find and placed them in piles randomly. In truth, Mathias had done most of the stacking, but two makeshift scarecrows, the result of Lucius's efforts to add order to their task, stood amidst the piles, one tilting slightly on his broken shovel handle, the other staring down his torn shirtsleeve at the burnt rags that made up his body.

Kyrad stood in the center of the circle with his eyes closed. His arms crossed to turn the dials set on the insides of his new bracers, first one way, then the other, getting a feel for how they resisted his actions at first, but quickly sprung into position after he passed the halfway point. He stretched his arms out one at a time and swung them around; the bracers stayed in place, as did the dials. Lucius noticed that a large portion of each of the plates were blank, but Kyrad smiled, and seemed satisfied.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open and each arm outstretched towards a different pile. From his right hand shot a blast of white light, striking the nearest pile with a bolt of lightning. Milliseconds after, the left hand fired a similar blast, though the offending pile disappeared in a swirl of shadows, never to be seen again. Kyrad took off, ducking, dodging, flying past invisible enemies blasting one pile after another. Diving into the air and rolling on the ground, he raised himself to one knee and fired two identical blasts, one after the other, that encased each scarecrow in a block of ice. No sooner had the ice formed however, before Kyrad flew at them, slicing through each with the newly deployed blades and shattering the pseudo-enemies effortlessly.

Kyrad turned to his awestruck audience, still smiling. "Excellent work, boys."

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