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 Post subject: Purchase: New Weapon
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:40 am 

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Gregory walks up to the craftsman, trying not to be intimidating. He had decided upon a last resort weapon for Ramona, based on one that he had heard of. "I need a Shortsword with a fourteen inch blade and a hilt guard that is a simple bar that extends two inches from the edge of the blade in each direction, but is tilted slightly inwards to trap an opposing blade. It should be slightly hilt heavy, so that the center of gravity is two inches below where the blade ends, and the hilt should be able to function like that of a Bastard Sword for little Ramona here, and be wrapped with a thin layer of leather. One more thing, it needs to be a bit of a rush job, done as soon as possible. How much will that be?"

Character Name: Maria Cepilla
Gender: female
Species: human
Character Alignment: dark
Religeon: Roman catholic (excommunicated)
Job: general (between armies)
class 1: fist fighter
class 2: seaman
sub-class: swordsman
Weapons of choice: dagger, rapier, lasso, Legionare's Shield
Money: 20 gold
quests completed: Kill team
Skills record: Projectile Attack, Combo Attack 15, Seaman's Luck 2

Reputation: Undead Hunter , Diversionist

Name: Baron Gregory Rediko
Gender: male.
Age: 22
Species: Human.
Character Alignment: Hero.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Job: Teutonic Knight.
Class 1: Brute.
Class 2: Swordsman. Discipline: the Rediko Spear (see below)
Sub-class 3: Occultist.
Money: 60 gold
Weapons of choice:
Rediko Spear: often referred to as a lance, but never to be confused with. It is a ten foot long, steel pole with a three inch diameter, which ends with a three foot long sword blade.
BroadSword: a five foot long broadsword with three crosses on each flat of the blade, with one peculiarity, its foot long hilt is weighted with lead to make where the hands rest the center of balance.
Shield: a sloped, circular steel shield with a sharpened circumference, three feet in diameter and two inches thick at the center.
Special moves:
Whirl wind: Gregory spins his spear at an extremely high speed with both his hands forming a fast moving shield like a slayer’s whip that is able to stop sword thrusts and the weakest of physical attacks.
Whirl Wind level two: Gregory spins his spear creating a minor vortex with the spear creating a shield out of air that can stop most physical attacks.


Reputation: Adopted Father , Protector of the Small, Shield Fighter

(finally updated gold.)

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