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ORP Ghost Ship
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Author:  Nanashi [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:26 am ]
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The night was young. Looking over to the horizon, Jennifer could see the sun beginning to set and on the opposite horizon, the moon beginning to rise. She frowned a little and looked around where she flew. Jennifer guided her phoenix to fly beneath the clouds and underneath her she found the river of Danube. “At least I’m on the right direction to getting to the Mediterranean Sea.” Jennifer muttered as she guided the phoenix lower.

Jennifer shrieked when she heard a boom of thunder. All around her, the clouds erupted with rain. Already she was soaked head to toe and the phoenix wasn’t faring too well either. Gently, she stroked his feathers and removed the goggles from her eyes. She couldn’t see through the rain with them on. “Need a place to land…” Jennifer scanned down below and saw what looked like a ship in the middle of the river.

“…any port in a storm…god, it looks so creepy.” Jennifer shuddered then shrieked again at the flash of lightning. Quickly, she guided the phoenix down to the ship and hopped down when it was safe for her to do so. The phoenix quickly dissipated into the air above her. Jennifer wrapped her arms around her wet body and looked around. It wasn’t that big of a ship, but surely people would be on it. No one was up at the helm though. Jennifer wondered if perhaps they had hid inside the ship to take shelter from the storm.

Opening the door, Jennifer blinked and closed the door. Something just then felt strange, almost eerie. The room she was in was…quite frankly impossible to exist. It looked like a grand ballroom of some sort with stairs leading up to a stained glass window and then leading up opposite sides. Jennifer stared for a few seconds and turned around to open the door. It stuck for a moment, but when it opened Jennifer’s eyes widened. It was a larger storeroom.

“But…That…It…Was…” Jennifer stammered and then closed the door. She shook her head a little and then turned back to
the ballroom. She walked in and looked around carefully. There’s no sign of any living life. The ballroom was beautifully decorated though and shined golden with the tiled floor, railings, walls and ceiling. Candles were lit and Jennifer could feel a sort of romantic vibe in the room.

It’d be a great place for a wedding, Jennifer thought in a bit of nostalgia. I wonder what Graham had imagined for ours? It can’t be this romantic though…it’d feel sort of awkward.

She walked on though, trying to ignore the chill in the air. It felt as if someone’s eyes were watching her. Jennifer looked up and around and felt herself to the door on the right side of the ballroom. She walked over to it and stopped, holding her stomach. It grumbled and she groaned. Food will have to wait for now. She needed to get out of this ship. Was this in the same plane as the normal world?

“Kyrad….Wake up...Please, wake up...”

A young girl’s voice filled her mind as Jennifer laid her hand on the doorknob. It sounded sad, as If the girl had been crying for a long time.

“I’m so sorry Kyrad…I’m so sorry! Please forgive me…please…wherever you are please forgive me…”

“Why do you sound so familiar…?” Jennifer whispered. She bit her lip and turned the doorknob, opening the door. When she stepped through, the world of Veros erupted around her. Her eyes widened as she looked around the utter destruction. It looked as if someone or something had erupted a huge fireball and the town was levelled.

Corpses littered the ground. Bodies were found to either have been burned up or torn into pieces. Jennifer looked down to see that some had been decapitated and she tried her best not to look for familiar faces. The air was filled with a sort of coppery blood smell mixed with smoke. Honestly, Jennifer was surprised she was not throwing up at the smell, fear keeping it down in her gut.

Someone was sniffling and crying. Someone in this whole decimation was a living body. Jennifer rushed toward the voice and found the area where the inn would have stood. Two bodies lay on the ground, one was dressed in a blood soaked cloak, the hood obscuring his or hers face. The corpse had another one curled up next to it. Except…this one was crying and clinging to it.

“…E…Excuse me…”

The small body tensed and the head turned to face hers. It was a young teenager with raven black hair framing her pale freckled face. The girl wore a black corset with blue cloth around the chest with a matching black skirt. Her face looked stained with tears and she gave Jennifer a glare of hatred.

“WHERE WERE YOU!? WHERE WERE YOU WHEN VEROS NEEDED YOU!? WHEN KYRAD NEEDED YOU!?” She screamed at Jennifer, her hands clenching.

“I don’t know what you mean…” Jennifer whispered, backing away slowly.

“Did you go to the castle with them? We all thought you were bringing something to fight the dragons!” The girl’s shoulders shook and she looked back at the body she clung to. “Kyrad…It’s because of you Kyrad is dead!”

“No…” The girl shook her head. “I…It’s my fault Kyrad is dead. I didn’t wake up soon enough. If I had woken up sooner, I could have helped him. I could have saved him…I…” She turned her body away from Jennifer and pressed her forehead against the body’s back.

“I’ll stay here with him…forever. I’ll guard this place of the dead…To seek atonement for my sins. You…You don’t deserve to be here…I WANT YOU OUT OF HERE!” The girl screamed and it seemed louder than usual. It was more like a roar.
Jennifer backed away from her and looked up as a black shadow erupted from the girl’s body. Above the girl was a giant fox. It glowed an icy blue and icicles stuck out from its body. The fox gnashed its teeth and stood protectively over the girl. Jennifer backed away and found that it didn’t attack.

“You’ll need to find something to soothe her spirit. Right not, you won’t be able to touch her malice.”

“Something to soothe her spirit huh…?” Jennifer whispered.

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Jennifer had left Ramona there with the deceased Kyrad. She did not understand one bit what was going on here in this world. Deep down, she knew she should have trusted her instincts and not landed on a mysterious ship in the middle of the ocean in a thunderstorm. Well, it was either that or risk falling into the sea and without a higher ranked sigil like the Leviathan she was searching for, she would not have made it and likely have drowned. Jennifer bit her lip and let out a frustrated sigh. Likely, this was a challenge from Leviathan…but something about it didn’t feel right. Somehow, she knew this wasn’t the sea dragon’s style and another trial waited for her after this one.

She glanced over her shoulder back at Ramona. The teenager had curled up next to Kyrad again and the fox spirit lingered over them. A mysterious voice had told her to find something that would soothe her spirit so that she could touch her malice. Jennifer knew there was a drawback to that. She didn’t know who this young girl was. Jennifer knew who Kyrad was though. Drake knew of him and they had seen a glimpse of him at the guild. He was the guild member who as of late spent most of his time at the blacksmith. Just like that, Jennifer snapped her fingers. The blacksmith! Wherever it was here in this world’s Veros, she could find the blacksmith and maybe find a clue. With a goal in mind now, she made her way around the ruined village.

At this point, Jennifer was certainly glad she was a seer. She was able to pick out a few landmarks that made it possible to pinpoint where the blacksmith once stood. Stepping over the debris, Jennifer knelt down and began to sift through what she could find. She rubbed her arms at the chilly air and blinked as she saw a thread. Picking it up carefully, Jennifer inspected it closely. It was hard to tell in the dark, but it was a really nice piece of thread. It felt a bit like wool, but she may be wrong. As she stood up, Jennifer noticed the thread lead elsewhere. Gently she rubbed the thread between her thumb and index finger. It had that little girl’s aura all over it.

“Luck is on my side hopefully this will lead me to an even better clue.” Jennifer followed the thread through the streets, taking care not to look at any of the corpses that strewn around the village. One misplaced glance and Jennifer could find herself recognizing someone she knew. What can be seen by a seer cannot be unseen. She shuddered, trying to shake off the thought. Her eyes remained fixated on the thread as it led her closer to where the shops would be.

On the ground laid the balls of yarn coloured red and purple. Jennifer knelt down and smiled warmly. At this time of year this fabric could be used to make a very warm scarf. Perhaps that was the intent of the fabric? To make a scarf? Jennifer thought of the meaning of the colors. Red was often associated with passion and courage, both very strong feelings. Purple was an interesting contrast as it was often associated with the spirits, wisdom and respect. Did whoever picked this fabric out know the symbolism behind those colours? As Jennifer gathered the thread it began to glow a soft pink hue. Now in her arms Jennifer had the red and purple striped scarf. Could this be what she needed to help the little girl out? Jennifer stood up and turned to look back in the direction of the fox.

A fight would be ahead of her. However, now she had a weapon. She could help the girl overcome her grief.

Author:  Nanashi [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:12 am ]
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Jennifer slowly began to walk back toward the girl and the fox. She closed her eyes and felt a voice speak to her from within.

Unlock the power within the memento!

She didn’t understand at first what this voice was telling her, or where the voice was coming from. It felt both comforting and frightening to hear. The scarf glowed the same rose hue and Jennifer laid it on her glaive, watching as the power seemed to be absorbed into it. Jennifer looked up at the snarling fox and then to Ramona who continued to lie close to Kyrad.

“I’ll free you from your sorrow!” Jennifer shouted as she dashed to the fox, chanting a Ziz, Endorok, Unviru spell on her boots, allowing her to jump high into the air. She landed with some ease on the back of the fox, which growled and thrashed. Jennifer cried out in surprise and immediately knelt down to keep a hand gripped onto the beast’s fur. She made an attempt to slash at his back, but cursed as the wound regenerated.

“Well, what the hell was the memento supposed to do then!” Jennifer yelled out in frustration. She grumbled and looked around the fox. She glanced behind her and saw an icy blue flame sprout from the tail. “That’s going to hurt I bet!” She gasped and made an effort to sprint forward to dodge the sudden attack. Jennifer miss stepped and found herself slipping off of the fox. Gritting her teeth, Jennifer grasped for every bit of fur she could grope and latched onto the side of the fox. The fox snarled and flashed its front teeth at her, turning in circles trying to bite at her. Jennifer closed her eyes and she could feel her stomach doing flip flops. The only thing she could think of at the moment was that never again would she ever want to go around in circles. It was undignified and nausea inducing. She sucked in a nervous breath and was able to climb up when she saw the tip of her glaive glowing toward the fox’s abdomen. Jennifer slowly began to crawl toward the abdomen, keeping a tight hold all the while. There it was a spot glowing on the abdomen. Jennifer glanced at her glaive and carefully held it out towards the spot.

The glaive began to absorb something from the glowing spot. Whatever that strange light was, the fox did not like it. It barked and growled, snapping at the air as it seemed to steadily get weaker and weaker. Jennifer was able to jump back down to the ground and kept the glaive absorbing whatever magic it was she was seeing. By this point, she was not going to be asking any questions. The fox was then quiet and seemed to rest on the snowy ground, his gaze fixed on Ramona.

Jennifer breathed deeply and walked over to Ramona. The young girl looked up to her with tears in her eyes. Kneeling, Jennifer reached to the ground where the scarf now laid. She picked it up and held it out to Ramona. “My name is Jennifer Hamilton. It seems you want to knit a scarf for someone special…”

“….Ramona…” She answered, looking up at Jennifer. “I…” She rubbed her eyes. “I wanted to knit a scarf for Kyrad because I’m naturally cold to touch….But…”

“But?” Jennifer tilted her head.

“I don’t know if I love him that way anymore….I mean at first I couldn’t not think of him! I wanted to be with him all the time!” Ramona’s shoulders shook. “I was afraid of not being able to stay with him…now…”


“….I’m more scared of Kyrad being along and unhappy than not being with me…” Ramona answered her with a small sniffle.

Jennifer smiled warmly and she reached forward to wrap her arms around Ramona and squeezed her gently. The girl felt cold to the touch, but it wasn’t something she could not handle. “Ramona, honey…That is love. Real love I mean…”

“I love him? I honestly love him?” Ramona looked back at Jennifer. Her whole body was shaking, which confused Jennifer. Something about Ramona’s aura seemed…off. She couldn’t tell exactly.

But what she could tell was that Ramona was feeling insecure about her feelings. Jennifer pressed her lips to the girl’s forehead. This girl…she wasn’t here in the way Jennifer was here. Her spirit was here though. Was she dead? No…The evidence contradicted that. Jennifer could feel Ramona’s body accepting the grief of the fox spirit within her and she slumped against the older woman.

“I’ll get you back to Veros,” Jennifer whispered, rubbing Ramona’s back. “So you can tell him. Lord help him if he brushes you off…”

Author:  Nanashi [ Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:05 am ]
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They were back on the ghost ship. Jennifer laid her back against the wall and waited as Ramona’s head rested on her lap. The poor girl was exhausted after her ordeal. Jennifer reached down and gently stroked the girl’s coal black hair. She tried to remember anything about a Kyrad fellow at the Hunter’s Guild but she couldn’t recall that much. He seemed like a young man but old beyond his years. His hood was normally worn up, so Jennifer could not recall a face. She bit her lip and looked back down at Ramona. Clearly, this girl felt strongly about him. However, there was something…something off about her. It was something dark and brewing, but what was it exactly?

Ramona suddenly shifted and opened her ice blue eyes. They were such a shade that Jennifer looked startled. They just didn’t seem humanly possible. Jennifer adjusted her look so that she smiled instead of looking surprised and tilted her head slightly. “Morning sleepyhead.”

Ramona shot up and shoved herself off of Jennifer and her eyes stretched in the deer in headlights look. Jennifer frowned and reached up to rub the back of her head. “Sorry, I know I’m a stranger but…Well…” Jennifer bit her lip, searching for words to say.

“You helped me out back there.” Ramona spoke softly. Now that she wasn’t under stress, Jennifer listened to her voice closely. Though she looked like she was about sixteen, maybe seventeen years old, Jennifer noticed her voice wasn’t a sweet soprano like she expected. It was instead a tenor like her, maybe just a little bit higher though.

Jennifer nodded. “Hey, if it helps, less than a month ago I faced my own shadows.” She smiled warmly and looked around the room they were in. It looked like a regular bedroom which Jennifer wanted to grumble at. She had hoped they would have appeared somewhere like the kitchen where food would be kept. Her stomach grumbled again and she sighed deeply.

“Where are we? I…I was sleeping…Why was I sleeping?” Ramona lowered her gaze to look at the floor and tugged on a loose strand of hair. “I remember right…he was there when I fell asleep. Kyrad held me in his arms.” Ramona then wrapped her arms around herself as if wanting to make the memory more lucid.

“You’re either dead or alive. I choose to believe you’re alive.” Jennifer stood up and dusted herself off. “C’mon, get up.” Ramona blinked and rubbed her eyes, standing up. “I’m going to get you home to see this Kyrad fellow okay? We just need to escape from this ship.” At this moment, her stomach grumbled again.

“You’re hungry too, aren’t you?” Ramona noted, pointing at Jennifer’s vocal complaint.

“A bit it seems. Originally, I thought this place would be a nice shelter from the storm. Clearly I was wrong.” Jennifer shrugged lightly. “When I came in from the outside and felt the distortion of this place, I tried to leave. However, there was a room from where I had come from the outside.” Jennifer shook her head. “We’re in a worst case scenario…nowhere.”

“C’mon. Into the next room we go, I suppose.” Jennifer turned back to Ramona and smiled warmly. “All we can do is go forward and hopefully get out of this god forsaken place.” She shivered.

“Mm!” Ramona caught up to Jennifer and placed her hand in hers.

When they opened the door, Jennifer and Ramona found themselves in a different world. Jennifer looked up and around at the tall buildings. She was reminded of the Tower of Babel story from the Bible, of which mankind tried to build a structure that stretched to the heavens. God had cursed mankind with diverse languages and so the work was left unfinished due to lack of communication. The buildings outer walls were covered with glass windows that reflected the starry night sky. Sniffing the air, Jennifer plugged her nose at the stench of pollution in the air. Mingled with the stench of pollution though was salt water from the nearby sea…ocean? It was a large body of water whatever it was.

“Jennifer.” Ramona tugged on her sleeve. “I don’t like the smell here.”

“Neither do I.” Jennifer quickly agreed and continued to look around. Signs and billboards were posted around the city in a language Jennifer could not even describe. Each one looked like a series of lines painted to intersect each other. “Geez, where the hell are we?”

Jennifer looked off into the distance and spotted a long bridge that extended from one part of the land to the other over the water. Perhaps they were in some sort of port city? She frowned and laid a hand on her hip.

“A….A…WHAT IS THAT!” Ramona suddenly tugged much harsher on Jennifer’s sleeve, turning her to see a creature rushing
toward them. Jennifer quickly seized Ramona’s shoulders and pushed her away and followed after her, getting them both out of the way. On the ground, Jennifer turned to see that it was some sort of Chimera. The thing had a lion’s mane, horns, and the body of a boar.

“Keep behind me Ramona.” Jennifer held her arm out to keep Ramona behind her and raised her other hand to sign a spell, but something else caught the chimera’s attention. It looked up to a figure atop the bridge. The person was clad in red armour with a helmet and a black visor that covered their face.

“Halt, creature of Hell! Your battle with those two is no more! I stand for justice, peace and happiness for all citizens of Tokyo! Now! You will face the strength, of the legendary Crimson Wing!” The figure shouted with various hand gestures that Jennifer wondered if they were trying to put more emphasis on the speech.

They then extended a gun and shot bright red bolts of energy at the Chimera. It growled as it was hit and walked away from Jennifer and Ramona as the character leaped down. The Crimson Wing placed the gun back on their holster and brandished a hilt of a sword that burst forth in a beautiful but dangerous white ray of light. Jennifer helped Ramona up and gestured her away from the fight they both were transfixed on.

The armoured figure dashed right at the chimera and tackled it, shoulder on. The beast growled again and lashed its tail. The figure tackled it again to the ground and held the sword up to impale it. Jennifer shielded Ramona’s gaze from the gruesome death. Her eyes though remain transfixed as the monster dissolved into some sort of black sludge. The figure looked at them and then looked away, dashing away into the streets.

“…Wow. Geez, what do we do from here on?” Jennifer glared at the direction the figure disappeared to. She then shrugged a little and tugged Ramona’s hand to follow her as they ventured down the street. Jennifer remained vigilante though and recalled the figure saying something about Tokyo. “So we’re in Japan, huh? But, everything here looks so advanced…are we in a Japan of a past or a Japan of the future?”

Author:  Nanashi [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:14 pm ]
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Jennifer glanced around the streets of the alien city they were now in. Everything appeared so bright, so colourful but…there was this cold emotionless feeling about it. She did not feel what you would call welcome here. Ramona must have felt the same because she was immediately next to Jennifer, her hands on the latter’s left forearm. Jennifer took this time to study her face a little more. She definitely had freckles where a fox’s whiskers might have been. Her blunt bangs and long straight coal black hair gave her the look of a little fairy tale princess, Snow White stuck out in her mind.

“Hey.” Jennifer lifted Ramona’s chin with her free hand. “No sad faces now. You claim you were asleep, right? That means wherever we are, we are here in spirit. So think of it as a dream where you will have the most wonderful adventure.”

Ramona still did not look convinced. Jennifer blew a sigh so the bangs on her face fluttered before resting. “Come to think of it…If we’re here in spirit what happened when I landed on that ship?”

She was still silent beside Jennifer. The seer sighed again and placed her hand on Ramona’s head and gave it a slight gentle tap. Ramona’s eyes suddenly went wide and her gaze shot up at her. What had seemed like a harmless action seemed to set Ramona off. She jumped away from Jennifer and fixed her with a hard stare.

“Ramona?” Jennifer tried to call her back…call her back from wherever her mind may have taken her.


“Eh?” Jennifer tilted her head slightly. “Don’t?”

Ramona’s face stayed stoic.


“All right.” Jennifer held both hands palm out in front of her. “I…I won’t…do that.” She had no idea what it was she said she would not do. Looking at Ramona though, Jennifer could see that maybe what she did as an action significant nature to her. She rubbed her arm awkwardly.

“So! Where do you think we are?” Ramona’s face switched into a wide smile. The switch was so startling that Jennifer had to take a moment to answer.”

“Well. Whatever those big signs are I can sort of recognize the symbols.” Jennifer concentrated on a few. “Alex used to draw these symbols years ago. He said that they were hiragana. Something Japanese. We must be here then. We’re in Japan.”

“Japan?” Ramona frowned and laid a finger on her jaw. It travelled up so that she now grasped a piece of her hair and chewed on it. “Why here? Why not in Veros?”

Jennifer frowned and turned to Ramona. “Something or someone wants us here. C’mon, we stick out like a sore thumb here. Where ever that Crimson Wing fellow went, let’s head in that direction.”

As they walked through the streets, Jennifer knew they were being watched. Everyone stared at their strange clothes so much that Jennifer wanted to tell them that their clothes were strange to her too. Ramona kept close to her, her hands on Jennifer’s shirt near the hem.

“Why are they staring?” She whispered.

“We look foreign. Japan has this thing about not liking foreign people. Their emperor made them very reclusive. So reclusive it’s a bit ridiculous.”

They continued down the neon lit street until a hand stuck out from an alleyway and gestured to them. Jennifer glanced over to Ramona and back to the hand. She merely shrugged and led her over. In the alleyway was a teenage girl. She had short bluntly cut black hair and lovely blue almond shaped eyes. She wore a warm soft pink sweater and jeans that were so short that they just passed her butt. A beautiful pendant hung from her neck---a glowing opal the size of an euro coin.

“You two…” She spoke softly, her accent was very prominent. Jennifer wondered at once how she was speaking English. Maybe this world being a dream made the issues of language a non-issue?

“What about us?” Jennifer tried not to frown but she didn't smile either. Something felt familiar this girl and she didn’t like it.

The girl placed both of her hands on the front of her thighs and bowed. “I’m sorry, but would you please follow me? I can help you.”

Though she didn't like the familiarity of this girl, Jennifer could tell she could be trusted. It was strange, but she wondered if this was something she was picking up from Drake. “Sure. Anywhere is better than being stared at.” Jennifer tried to laugh off the awkwardness…

….It didn't work as well as it had in her head.

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The girl led them to a tall building and brought them inside up a series of staircases to a door that read seven seven four. She produced a key and opened it and stepped inside. Jennifer looked around and found everything to be bright, colourful and clean. To her right, the room was tiled white and had what she would learn later was a toilet, a bath and a sink with a reflective mirror atop. Stepping out of the bathroom was a young man clad in nothing but a white towel worn around his waist. He was drying a green Mohawk which was sticking up from short green dyed hair. The gentleman was very fit for his age and had piercings on both his nipples. His eyes widened and he blushed only slightly.

“Haku, you didn’t tell me you were bringing home guests tonight.” He glanced over in another direction with a since of mourning. Jennifer guessed that something else was probably planned for this evening.

“Sorry, Ichiro. I needed to bring them here as they were lost and I don’t think they’ll do well on their own.” Haku soon replied. “Ichiro, could you perhaps put something together for us all while I get them set up for the night?”

Ichiro looked reluctant, but he agreed and turned to go to the bedroom he had been gazing at to dress. He soon came out in a black shirt and jeans to go to the kitchen. Jennifer and Ramona sat down in the dining room around a glass table. Haku sat down across from them. “Where did you two come from?”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked.

Haku blinked slowly and then laid both her hands on the table. “I know you two aren’t from this world. Your aura just feels…different.”

Jennifer now looked confused but the moment was cut short when Ichiro came out and set down three tea cups and a kettle full of tea. Haku reached forward and poured them each a glass. Ichiro had also set down a plate of what looked like flower petals. However, the flower petals were more like sticky rice shaped like a flower petal with something inside. Ramona immediately reached forward and took one and gave it a taste.

“Wow…This is really sweet. And it looks so cute.” Ramona’s face flushed a little and she continued to munch on them.

Jennifer gave her a wary look before trying it herself. Ramona was right. It was very sweet. “What is this?”

Haku smiled gently. “Hanabiramochi.” She answered. “Sweet rice shaped into a flower petal with red bean paste in the middle. Now, you’ll answer my question right?”

She swallowed and turned to the tea. It tasted very bitter. She barely swallowed it down and secretly longed for the English tea that Drake would brew for them to share. Or heck, even hot chocolate. Still, Jennifer was in a new world and possibly a new time, best to play by their rules. She could see though that Ramona was clearly taken by the Hanabiramochi.

“We’re from a place called Veros, in Wallachia.” Jennifer began to explain. “It’s the year 1860 and…”

“Wallachia is now known as Romania here now.” Haku interrupted kindly.

“R-Right…Anyways, I was well…What happened was that we opened a door somewhere and now we’re here.” Jennifer felt flustered. Haku looked off to the side and frowned a little.

“I feel something weird. Like we’re kindred spirits you and I.” Haku spoke softly and turned to look at another room. “Ichiro…that smells great!”

“I hope it does.” Ichiro smiled as he walked out of the kitchen and laid a platter on the table. “It’s called Shabu-Shabu. There’s some beef, veggies, tofu and some soy sauce to dip them in.”

The questions went out the window and the sounds of eating replaced them. Jennifer and Ramona were thankfully able to use a fork and knife for their meal. The meal was interesting, a completely different taste from what Jennifer was used to…She longed still for Mina’s dishes or any of Drake’s own creations. Drake was gifted with the ability to make a stew out of anything that was handy at the moment. It tasted different every time it was made. Drake had once said to her that the stew he made was a reflection of the adventure they’re having at the time. The stew was an adventure itself.

“Jennifer? Are you okay?”

Ramona snapped Jennifer out of her memory. She forced a smile. “I’m all right. Umm…Haku…”

“Jennifer, Ramona…” Haku smiled gently again. “I’ll let you two stay in the guest room all right? Ichiro, would you show them?”

Ichiro gave a nod and led the two girls to the guest room. He pointed out the way to the bathroom, how the lights worked and where spare clothes could be found. Once he left, Jennifer didn’t bother to strip down at all. She got in under the covers, Ramona opposite of her. “You looked sad.” Ramona commented.

“I am…a little. Just filled with some longing. You?”

Ramona cast her gaze down and she nodded slightly. “Yes…I wanna see him again. I wanna see Kyrad.”

“You will.” Jennifer gestured for Ramona to come closer and she did so, laying her head on Jennifer’s chest. In return, Jennifer wrapped her arms around the smaller girl. Her heart longed to bring Ramona to Kyrad again…And for herself to be in Drake’s arms again.

Author:  Drake [ Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:25 am ]
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Drake found himself in a strange setting. It was wet, dark, stank of mildew and saltwater. He could at this moment recall not how he came here. Everything before this exact moment was blank. The ground shifted beneath his feet. Rocking back and forth Drake recognized it. He was on the water. This was an aquatic vessel of some sort. He hadn't felt it since crossing the English Channel into continental Europe.

Had he been Shanghaied? Drake reached for his weapons but couldn't find them. His armor was present however. Looking around he couldn't find his pack. It seems if he arrived in this ship, it was in such a hurry he didn't bring any of his possessions, or if he'd been abducted his captors were dense enough to leave him fully armored, and unbound. The first order of business would then be to find out where he was, and then to find his way back.

His hand glowed as he charged a magical bolt providing light. Drake looked around to find a number of others with him. They looked to be an odd mix of individuals, all wandering around with little concern for him or one another. They seemed lost in a stupor. Perhaps in some opium haze if Drake's theory of having been Shanghaied was correct. Something felt very wrong. There were a good number of elderly here. Kidnappers didn't take the old and feeble, they took healthy young men with strong backs.

Drake looked around finding a half rotted ladder leading upward. There was a faint dim glow of moonlight coming from a square in the ceiling. It was probably the way up to the deck. At least he wasn't too deep in the hold. If he could get up to the deck, he could perhaps apprehend the captain and force his way back to land. Whomever took him, likely wasn't aware of just who they'd taken.

Drake climbed up and pulled himself onto what he thought was the deck. Instead he found himself emerging into a paved street. He looked around himself entirely confused. "I ....I was sure I was on a ship just a moment ago." Drake said realizing he was surrounded by dizzyingly high structures. "Buildings....taller than London...Am I in New York?" Drake wondered. He'd heard tales of the tremendously high buildings in that famous city, but he never imagined the Americans were this advanced.

Drake's confusion was furthered when he began to check street signs. They were in a language he didn't speak, and in fact an alphabet beyond his knowledge. "Impossible...could this city be in the Orient?" He said puzzling over the nearest sign. It wasn't Chinese. It looked far too simple for that. Perhaps Japanese, but Drake knew little about the tiny isolated Island nation other than the claims of a few who said they'd been there. But Japan was a backwater. Buildings were said to be made of wood and paper. This just didn't make sense.

Author:  Nanashi [ Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:58 am ]
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"You're in Tokyo of the year 2000."

A young woman stepped up beside Drake. Her hair was pure white with a few silver streaks running down it. Her dress was a halter simple silver shade that seemed to glimmer and slide over her womanly curves. Her eyes seemed the most familiar to Drake, a particular shade of grey.

"You're wondering why you're here." She continued to speak as she stepped forward. "I need you. I don't think that little girl will be enough. It's impossible for you to be here and knowing that she'll stay convinced this is a dream. I'm sure you know who I am referring to?"

Author:  Drake [ Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

"Is Jennifer here as well then," asked Drake immediately putting aside the numerous other questions he had about somehow traveling to the other side of the planet and apparently through time.

"And you..." Drake could tell this was no normal woman he spoke to. Nor even a human. He was speaking to some immensely powerful magical being. The sheer power was overwhelming. Even Salamand's aura wasn't this potent. Shining silver, and having taken the form of a beautiful woman. "You are Inle aren't you?"

Author:  Nanashi [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

"Yes I am." Inle replied with a soft smile. From where they were, Inle took Drake to the room Jennifer and Ramona slept in. "And here she is, about to face a test..."


Jennifer didn’t know what to call it. She seemed to sleep, but wasn’t she already asleep? Was she in a coma? Was she with another trio of white witches? Whatever it was, both Jennifer and Ramona were awoken by a huge explosion that rocked the apartment. Immediately, Jennifer had both legs swung over the bed and was getting up. Ramona took a few seconds extra as she looked around to remember where they were.

“I don’t know what that was…” Jennifer paused as she heard an eerily loud obnoxious sound like a siren. “Or…that…but it can’t be good. Come on, we need to check on Ichiro and Haku.”

Ramona looked reluctant to move. Jennifer gave her a small glare and the girl nodded and followed her out of the bedroom. Jennifer was glad that they had fallen asleep in their own clothes. It would not have done them well if they had slept in other clothes and had to change. Though she teased Drake a few times of sleepy in his regular clothes, Jennifer had to admit now that he made some sense.

Once they were out to the living room, Jennifer watched as Haku was practically tearing the place apart as if she were looking for something important. Every now and again, she’d lay a hand on her collarbone and look thoughtful before relentlessly searching again. Ichiro stood by the door holding it open. His eyes went over to Jennifer and Ramona and he smiled in relief. “So I didn’t have to wake you two up. Haku, they’re awake we need to get going!”

“I can’t…” Haku shook her head. “Not without it. I need it!” Tears seemed to glisten at her eyes as she bit her lip.

“Ichiro’s right.” Jennifer stepped forward and seized Haku’s hand. “We need to go now before anything else happens to this building! You don’t want to die in here do you?”

Haku’s eyes were wide and her face pale. Jennifer cringed, wondering if she had sounded too harsh. Shaking her head, Jennifer pulled Haku to the door with Ramona on her heels. Ichiro led the way down the stairwell having explained along the way that something called an elevator would be too dangerous in this situation. The building shook as they fled and Jennifer wondered if they would even make it outside. Sure enough, they did though by the look on Haku’s face, Jennifer wished they hadn’t.

In front of them was the Crimson Wing. It was the same hero that had helped them when they first arrived in this world. However, something was different about this one. The visor wasn’t black but pure white and the stylized wing on the shoulder pads was black instead of white. It didn’t look at anyone else but Haku.

“So…This is what you’re reduced to when you see me.” The Crimson Wing spoke.

Haku’s eyes watered up and she shook her head. “It’s impossible! It can’t be you! You’re…”


Inle had taken Drake down to street level. "My apologies...Due to your connection I'm afraid I cannot shield her links from you."

Together, Jennifer, Ramona and Ichiro looked confused. However, Ichiro was the first to catch on. “You don’t mean…”
Jennifer reached over to Haku, fed up with not knowing everything. Her eyes widened when she was taken back to a beautiful church. Haku looked a bit younger and was leaning back against the door, dirt-ridden and clearly in pain. She looked scared always looking back at the door. Then suddenly a sword pierced the door above her and blood dripped down. Haku bounded away from the door and watched it slowly open. Impaled on the door from the outside was the Crimson Wing but helmetless. He was only a teenaged boy with chestnut brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

“Kokoro!!!” The Haku from the past shouted tearfully.

There was the briefest of flashes and Jennifer could have sworn she had seen Drake standing there. She rubbed her eyes and was brought back to Ramona and the others. “He’s supposed to be dead…” Jennifer whispered.

“You left me to die, Haku.” The Crimson Wing spoke.

“No…Kokoro…I…” Haku reached up and laid a hand on her collarbone again. Jennifer blinked and glanced over to the Crimson Wing, noticing what looked like an opal in the center of his collarbone.

“She didn’t leave you to die, Kokoro!” Ichiro shouted, shielding Haku from him. “You left her! You need to stop haunting her! Stop hurting her! This girl….” Ichiro pointed at Haku. “I’m….in love with this girl! And if you wanna hurt her…You’ll have to—“

Ichiro didn’t have time to finish. The Crimson Wing had shoved him out of the way and threw him into a wall. Ramona screeched. Jennifer then noticed that hanging from his hand was the necklace Haku had worn. If her hunch was correct….
The Crimson Wing went to throw a punch at Haku but was surprised when Jennifer caught it with her own hand. Dreams are powered by will after all, Jennifer had concluded.

“You want her; you’ll have to go through me.” Jennifer smirked confidently.

Author:  Drake [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

Drake reached out to touch Jennifer but his hand passed through as if she were merely a ghost...or perhaps Drake was the ghost. "Jennifer!"

Drake followed Jennifer continually trying to speak to her with no response. He shook his head. "It's no good. Inle if you transported me here to help it seems you've missed the mark. We are but ghosts to each other. It seems we must be on different planes."

Author:  Inisad [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

"We are but ghosts to each other. It seems we must be on different planes."

"Well that would certainly explain a lot." Kyrad stated. He had no recollection of arriving in this strange place; he simply awoke to find himself staring at a man and a woman discussing their situation. Being transported to a different plane would definitely account for his sudden appearance.

Looking around, he didn't recognize anything. Even the writing was foreign to him. He could have spent hours speculating at the where and why of the situation, but for now he'd settle for the conversation at hand. He didn't recognize the woman, though she gave off a powerful aura. Perhaps a powerful magic user, or If she was an ancient, there were precious few who fit her description. Kyrad couldn't think of a good reason a goddess of death, merciful or otherwise, would request his presence like this. Clenching his fists, Kyrad realized his bracers, the weapons containing his written spell circles and hidden blades, were missing. Indeed, even the pockets of his jacket, containing various tools and notes, were empty.

Turning his attention to the man who had spoken, he recognized Drake. As if the situation weren't bad enough.

"Am I interrupting?" he asked, knowing the likely answer.

Author:  Nanashi [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

Inle turned to Kyrad and glanced between him and Drake. "I see. So you're the one that other girl strongly reacts to."

She now looked at both of them. "The seer that went out to seek aid for Veros was drawn to a ship while searching for Leviathan. This is no ordinary ship though as you could tell, Drake, that hundreds of souls are on it wondering listlessly. This is but one of many ships Death commands. As I recall, Magrid seeks to use one of the children she carries as a vessel for Dracula correct? Whether or not Death works with Magrid I don't know...but Death seeks her, to capture or kill her."

Inle looked around at the scene as it unfolded. "What I have done is pulled her soul into different worlds. She will meet with others like herself, others who live to carry out my will. For some reason, something has pulled that other girl here. Whether it was Death or the girl's on desire for death I am not sure of. She has a connection with the seer..." Inle held out a hand and what looked like a red ribbon glowed from Ramona's wrist was connected to Jennifer, Drake and Kyrad. Jennifer herself had a ribbon connected to Drake. "...and others it seems. If these two do not realize that this is not reality and that others wait for them in their own world, they will be fine. However, if they give in to despair and allow Death to capture them in these worlds then they will remain denizens of his ghostly ship."

"I needed those with the strongest connection with them to help." Inle turned back to them again. "My power alone cannot grant you a body here...but they will sense or perhaps see faint traces of your images."

Author:  Drake [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

"Whenever Death is present, Dracula's return is close. I imagine if he is not working with Magrid, they at least are working toward the same end. I will not allow either of them to take my precious Jennifer from me. I imagine, Kryad that you must feel much the same way."

Drake answered. For now all he could do was follow, and try to get Jennifer's attention.

Author:  Inisad [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ORP Ghost Ship

Before joining the guild, Kyrad's life had been much simpler. Rarely did he experience conflicting emotions; now it was almost daily that he needed to take a moment to parse out exactly how he felt. Fortunately, he was getting better at prioritizing.

Confusion. Put that on the back burner for now. He doubted the situation would be much different even if he completely understood what was happening. He had a firm grasp of the basics, which would be good enough for now. Shaking his head, he cleared the way for more thoughts.

Anger. This was a bit more prominent. Unfortunately, he was mostly angry at Fate; Ramona seemed to be pulled into danger regardless of her actions, or of any actions Kyrad took to mitigate such risks. Still, he'd learned that anger could keep him going in a fight. At the moment, however, there wasn't much to fight, and nothing to be gained by doing so. Taking a deep breath, he put his anger to the side.

Concern. Ramona, as well as others, were in danger. Worse, there was no way for him to physically interfere. The last mission they'd gone on, Kyrad had spent a large portion of their time directing threats away from Ramona. At one point, he'd even taken to shouting at an empty room on the off-chance his enemy could hear him. In this case, the enemy would barely notice him, and even if they did, they'd likely just come down harder on Ramona to punish him. Swallowing, he tried to ignore his worries.

Disappointment. This was a new one. Kyrad hadn't relied on anyone enough to let him down in years. But this was different. Ever since he'd joined the guild, he'd heard stories of Drake. They'd made him sound larger-than-life, but stories were hardly worth exaggerating if there was no truth to them. Kyrad wasn't sure what he had expected; some powerful spell he'd never heard of, a mystic relic that could pierce reality, heck even one story he'd heard claimed he could stop Death with a stern stare. Anything but this. Following along and waiting for something to happen is not something you did when someone you love is being literally targeted by Death.

Someone you love... If the situation wasn't so serious, Kyrad would have smiled. Sometimes he even surprised himself with how his brain worked.

"These ribbons," he began, a plan forming in his head, "they're a metaphor, correct? They symbolize the connections that exist between us, and it's that connection that allows them to see us, even when we're on different planes. So," Kyrad tugged at the chain around his neck, pulling it out of his shirt. "I bet if we reinforce that connection, focusing on what it is that binds us, we can draw ourselves just a bit closer to where they are." He waved his free hand and Ramona and Jennifer. It might not be a lot, but in Kyrad's opinion it was better than nothing.

He grasped the medallion at the end of the chain. It was also a symbol, both literally and figuratively. He'd shaped the metal into a spell circle, but more important was the purpose that spell would serve. Frejia, Endorok, Merro. A self-targeting blue-aligned enchantment, one he could always have on hand to make his flesh as cold as Ramona's. In their last meeting, she'd complained that people (he'd figured out that was code for himself) would find it uncomfortable at best to touch her. The answer was simple enough for him to deduce, but he'd forged the necklace to make a statement: not only that he could, but that he wanted to.

Now he grabbed the medallion tightly in his hand. He channeled his magic through it; more magic than he'd ever need to freeze his skin. He packed in as much power as he could, as if the spell would be safeguarding his very life. All the while, he tried to focus on the best times they'd had together: the moment they'd met, when he'd given her the dress he'd sown, the first time she kissed him...

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