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 Post subject: GIMME THAT!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:16 am 
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Ricky is borrowing 80G from Cromwell and buying the Odd Parchment.

Character Name: Ricky Mochi
Species: Human
Classes: Pirate, Swordsman, Mercenary
Items: 30 normal Bullets, Alternate Outfit, Quick Combo Pamphlet, Amber-Set Insect Pendant, Smoked Turkey Drumstick, Fruit Cake
Weapon: Harpoon(Inlayed with Silver), Short sword, Custom 9 shot revolver, Rat Flail, Billhook, Serpent Fang(Hell Knight Pole arm)
Equipment: Full Copper Plate Bracers x 2, Leather Armor, Full Hell Knight Armor(Not attached or worn together)
Money:176 gold
Alignment: Neutral
Special Moves
Piercing Snake Reel, Sniping Impaler Snake, Vicious Snake Bite, Two more Specials
Quests completed: Droll Patrol, Hell's Armory
Reputation:Front Line Fighter, Likes The Thick of It, Brings The Smite, Guardian of Engaia
Character Name: Reggie Falkenrath
Species: Human
Classes: Mentalist, Seer, Marksman
Items: Tobacco Tinx2, Cigarette paperx2, Modern Matchesx2, Notebook, Bandages, 5x Empty Bottles, Smoked Turkey Drumstick, Fruit Cake, Can Opener, Canned food, Torch, Travelers Food(1), Very Fine French Wine, 20x Normal Bullet, 20 Musket Balls with a horn of gunpowder
Weapon: 6 shot Revolver, Tri-Spike Dagger, 20x Throwing Knives, Unnamed Long Rifle
Equipment: Tabbard
Money: 57 gold 7 Silvers 5 Copper
Alignment: Hero
Quests completed: Skullduggery, Kill Team
Reputation: Investigator, Employer, Negotiator , Undead Hunter

 Post subject: Re: GIMME THAT!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:29 am 

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Ah, the snake charmer. One whose eyes saw what others didn't. It was coincidence that led Victor to stumble upon this man at this given time. No, not coincidence. It was God's Will. A will that had strung Cromwell along as such that he now held the power of God in his hands. And soon? He would hold the power to kill all those who opposed him.

Cromwell took the parchment with a promise of money and a favor later. With a smile and a pat on the back, he left Ricky Mochi.

Funds Before: 111G 2S 9C
Funds After: 31G 2S 9C

Character Name: Victor Cromwell
Species: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Job: 'Red Rose Guard'
Class 1: Swordsman
class 2: Occultist
Sub-Class: Agent
Weapon: Weapon info found here
- "Grim" Bastard Sword: A silver plated double-edged curved blade that is powered by the blood of Christ. It stands a little over four feet in length. The cross engraved on it is just as powerful as a blessed cross.
- Verona Kris: A black aligned Kris with a silver tip.
- Duck Foot Pistol: A special sidearm with four barrels. It is capable of firing four bullets with the pull of a single trigger.
- Custom Pistol: A special one shot sidearm changed to fire shotgun cartridges instead of regular bullets.
- Retractable Katar, attached to right arm: It's a retractable katar.
- Dreamsaber: A cavalry saber that seems to follow Cromwell into his dreams. Slightly stronger than an average steel blade, it's strength lay in the versatility surrounding it. Breaking the weapons in your dreams seems to allow a lifeline against succumbing in that world...
- William Tell's Crossbow: Hits anything that isn't alive dead on. Also seems to grant Cromwell the sharpshooting ability while on his body.

Head: 'Cross Guard' (A silver and gold(?) steel face guard with a slit for the eyes and a slit downwards to form a cross.)
Eyes (L/R): Eye Patch; Monocle
Body: Chain Mail Full Mantle w/ Tabbard underneath; Leather Shoulder Pads
Both Hands: Steel Full Plate Gauntlet/Bracer(s)
Legs: Leather Greaves
Money: 274G
Items: 25 Blessed Throwing Knives; 1 cross; 1 garlic laurel; 1 stake and mallet; 5 Vials of Holy Water; Autopsy Tools; Roll of Bandages; Canteen of water; Two Metal Food Cases (One carried - Other at home. Contains all food);Cast Iron Pan; Tin Pot; Kettle; Matches(3); Tin Cup; Rainbow Bullet; Two Boxes of Modern Matches; Dead Thief's Hand with 4ft chain leash; 5 Necronomicon Page(s); Shard of the Philosopher's stone; Fetish of Thor; Sudden Death move pamphlet
Misc. Items: Dime novel(romance); Shaving Mirror; Fancy Hat/Shoes/Clothes/Gloves
Food: Smoked Turkey Drumstick; Loaf of bread; Sack of Fresh Vegetables; Dozen Fresh Eggs; lb of salt cubes; lb of coffee beans
Ammo: 16 bullets for Duckfoot/Rifle; 10 Shotgun cartridges; 25 Silver Musket Balls; 20 Crossbow Bolts
Quests completed: The Evil Circle; Rescue Party; Fight Like Hell(Epic); Temple of the drowning god
Reputation: "Demon's Eye"; "Death on the battlefield"; "Fights Like Hell"; "Bane of Foul Things"; "Rescuer"; "Consorts With Unholy"; "Murderer's Vibe"
Benefits: Fast Fingers+; Evil Eye
Flaws: Far sighted; Evil Eye
Skills record: Divine Thrust lvl 3; Item Crash - Knives lvl 1; Righteous Indignation lvl 1; Divine Rage lvl 2; Booomerang Attack lvl 1; The Devil's Precision lvl 1
Recipes: Stew - Tea - Coffee - Soup - Omlette - Sandwich
Autopsies: Behemoth, Skeleton(s), Skeleton Serpent/Dragon, Skeleton Lord, Necromancer(Alastor), Zombies, Black Zombies
Name: Alois Romanowski
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful? Neutral
Job: 'Fallen Saint'
Class 1: Acolyte
class 2: Marksman
Sub-Class: Slayer
Weapon: Weapon info found here
- Five Foot Spear with Iron Tip
- LeMat Revolver: A six-shot revolver capable of firing buckshot rounds as well.
Head: -None-
Eyes (L/R): -None-
Body: White Priests Vestments
Both Hands: White Gloves with the Holy Trinity engraved on them
Money: 7G
Items: 5 Vials of Holy Water;Canteen of water; Small Gold Pocket Watch; Map of Wallachia Region; Cheesecloth; Kettle; Tin Cupx2; Roll of Bandages; Torchx2; Modern Matches
Misc. Items: 20 Page Notebook; Writing Utensils
Food: One lb of Coffee beans; Travelers food; Smoked Turkey Drumstick
Ammo: 24 Bullets for LeMat revolver; 15 Shotgun Cartridges
Quests completed: -None- (Benefits gained from abandoned Hell's armory quest)
Reputation: -None-
Benefits: 'The Fallen Saint'; Spear Proficiency; 'I have seen the demons.'; Ethereal Beauty; 'Mine eyes hold true.'
Flaws: 'Thy Will be Done'; Enemy to All; Refusal to use Crosses; Ethereal Beauty; 'No church is a friend of mine.'
Abilities:Heal(Pacifist level -50% stock time); Regrowth; Cure Disease/Poison; Remove Curse; Bless; Magical Ward; Smite (60% more potent/+2 feat added to healing radius of stock version) Path to Destruction; Sharpshooting; Weapon Maintinance; 50% faster reloading(1 bullet per second); Double Gunslinging; Final Shot;
Recipes: Sandwich - Coffee

 Post subject: Re: GIMME THAT!
PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:58 am 
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"You know....there are still seven more. Those who hold the fragments are destined to meet...but the whole is too desirable for any man to bear to let out of his grasp. Will you be destined to kill or to die for the secrets on these pages?"

Character Name: Graham Drake "The Preacher in Black"

Character Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian "The Younger Hadrian"

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