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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 1:55 am 
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Name: Fear Salvatore

Age: 27

D.O.B: 1843 July 13th

Specie: Human

Gender: Male

Class 1: Agent

Class 2: Acolyte

Sub-class: Privateer

Religious Affiliation: Christian (Protestant)

Aligment: Neutral (leans towards hero)

Discipline: Persian swordsman

Personality: Fear is a very practical person. He is almost to the point of being anal-retentive about keeping his weapons in check. When socializing, he tends to be the one people like to confide in, a secret keeper and friend. In return he almost never confides in others. In combat he is harsh, and no trick is too underhanded for him to use. He will kill an enemy on the ground, and is normally without remorse, even if he pitied the opponent.


Persian Dagger- has a ivory handle with gold dragons etched into it. The blade itself is a very wicked curved blade. What's unique though, is that the handle is hollow. Fear can unscrew the cap to place in matches, fishing line, as well as needle and thread.

Persian Shamshir Sword- A curved blade and a black handle, this sword is extremely effective.

Army Colt .44 Revolver- a more modern weapon, it holds six shots and is an extremely weapon effective at short-midrange combat.

Description: Fear has dark brown hair and amber colored eyes that seem almost golden surrounded by a dark brown ring. His hair is necklength, but with bangs that hang just barely in front of his eyes. Lean and well muscled, the silver loop earrings on his right ear and the scar on the left side of his face gives him the appearance of a well traveled fighter. With dark flames tattooed up his arms and shoulders, reaching up his neck but not going past that. At 6'2", he weighs about 180lbs.

Clothing: He normally wears a dark, blood red button up shirt with the top three buttons undone to show some of his chest, the sleeves rolled up above his elbows. He also wears a black pair of trousers, held in place by a black belt with crosses engraved into it. His boots are knee-high black leather. The sword is normally worn either on his left hip or on his back on the inside of his backpack. His dagger on his right hip behind the pistol. Also normally has a dark bloodred leather duster.

Belongings: A brown leather backpack, a piece of flint with a small cylindrical piece of steel and a scabbard.


Sneak/Hide: This class is exceptional at moving without being seen or heard. If there's a place to hide an agent can exploit it. Also walking and even running without making a sound. are quite possible to this class. This includes controlling one's breath as not to be heard breathing.

Sneak Attack: What would any soldier of fortune be without the abillity to attack before an enemy becomes aware. The sneak attack is actually a combination of abillities including the abillity to dodge around someone to attack from behind which involves high speed and agillity, silent footing, as well as the abillity to pass near less intelligent monsters even in plain sight without triggering an agressive response. Also important to the sneak attack is the abillity to quickly bring a weapon into play without the weapon its self being seen. Useful for getting in the first attack against bosses while they're still occupied making an intimidating entrance.

Escape: A master of stealth knows that fights are ultimately a waste of time. Anyone can run from a fight but this class has the abillity to make the enemy give up pursuit entirely. Involved in escape are tallents of leaving a false trail, setting up decoys, and causing your enemy to lose sight, sound, and smell of you.

Substitution: The next level of escape tactic, imported from the far east. It's the abillity to switch places with an object quickly leaving your oponent so sure that he's struck you that it takes him a moment to realize he's only hit a log, or pile of leaves. It's one part speed, one part illusion. This abillity is not available at the outset. It is unlocked after finishing one quest in which escape is used.

Pick pocketing: It's exactly what it sounds like. Stealthily slipping by someone to relieve them of their valuables without their ever knowing.

Lock Picking: There are three ways of getting through a locked door. Use the key, pick the lock, or bust it down. Lock picking is clearly the practice of the second of those options. A pick, stick, pin, knife or other instrument may be needed but with time and concentration locks can be opened. This requires a good deal of dexterity which comes with experience. Basic keyed locks can be picked from the outset but combination locks will require one quest before the abillity is available.

Play Dead: When worst comes to worst, it's sometimes necessary to convince persuers that you're not among the living. It takes quite a bit of skill but one can slow their breathing to a silent undetectable rate, and remain motionless, even slow the heart in order to convince a potential adversary that it's no longer necessary to kill you. Of course an itch while doing this might very well go from annoying to maddening. This abillity is unlocked after completing a quest in which sneak/hide is used.

Smoke Bomb: Agents, Assassins, and Mercenaries are not going to rival alchemists in education any time soon but no matter how poor a grasp one has on chemistry every agent, assassin, and mercenary out there makes sure to burn into memory this one vital recipe which encorporates a mixture of coal, sulfur, and saltpeter, being just slightly different a mixture from gunpowder. This abillity is available at the outset but you must purchase the materials to make smoke bombs yourself.

Heal- Papercut or small bruise-8sec, large cut or bruise- 30 sec, arrow or stab wound- 1min 20sec, bone deep or gunshot- 3min, reattachment or severed organ- 5min, Wound resembling hamburger meat 7min, impalement or deep open wood or large hole in stomach- 20 min

Regrowth -
A Pacifist must have completed at least one quest, a Benefactor two, a Hero three, or a neutral four to unlock this power. The name is as it suggests. Double the time of normal healing to be able to replace missing tissue that would not normally regenerate on it's own. Remember, the person must still be alive to do this.

Cure disease/poison -
Naturally, this depends on the disease. A cold is easier to remove than Ebola. A brown recluse bite is easier to nullify than a black mamba's. It works the same way as healing. Time, patience, and concentration are needed, only if this is interupted all the time and effort that went into it are naught and the poison or sickness can stand to retake it's hold (though the efforts of the Acolyte, depending on the sickness, may have given them a fighting chance). Typically, a cold or minor poison would take a neutral an hour to cure, a moderate illness or venom like a cobra's could take upwards of six hours, where as a major illness or venom, like HIV could take days. Some illness will be well past the abilities of an Acolyte with few completed quests (like say Ebola, or a the venom of an other worldly demon). Vampirism could be considered a disease, but a Pacifist must have completed at least one quest, a Benefactor two, a Hero three, or a neutral four to cure an infected, and even then the individual must either be willing or restrained as it should be treated as a major illness, something that could take days. And frankly, sometimes the infected doesn't HAVE days. As with healing, the type of Acolyte and the number of quests they have completed reflect the time it takes to cure something. Some diseases that are in advanced stages however can not be cured.

Remove Curse -
This is a bit more tricky than curing an ailment. A Pacifist must have completed at least two quests, a Benefactor two, a Hero three, or a neutral three to unlock this power. As always, it works in much the same manner as the previously mentioned healing abilities and it varies based on the severity of the curse. Some curses are so extravegant they can not be removed by this ability period. Such as when a convert vampire has drank the blood of another person. Removing a curse causes the over all power of the Acolyte to be drained for one day after the curse is finally removed. All other Acolyte powers take twice as long to use and perform and may not use the remove curse power or bless power again for three days.

Bless -
This works sort of like remove curse, only in reverse. A Hero must do three quests, to unlock this power. They may create holy weapons such as holy water or blessed daggers. This will take around a day (RP time) to complete, and as with all acolyte powers, the acolyte must concentrate on the object to be turned holy. This of course causes the over all power of the Acolyte to be drained for one day after the curse is finally removed. All other Acolyte powers take twice as long to use and perform and may not use the remove curse power or bless power again for three days. Blessing a larger weapon however requires a pacifist or benefactor to have completed seven quests, or a hero or neutral to have completed ten. Further, the Acolyte may only bless one such item for every three quests past seven or ten they have completed (to prevent spamming of blessed weapons).

Smite -
Smite is the one attack spell in all of holy magic. It summons up a ball of holy energy and releases it into a bolt that explodes in a righteous fury when it strikes an evil target. It yields double the power of a tier 1 magical attack. It can also be applied to a weapon instead and will cause that weapon to deal a wound twice as severe as it normally would.

Exorcism/purification -
Once an area is cleared of actual monsters it can be purged of evil spirits, auras, and wards by using an excorcism envoking a higher power. An exorcism will last until a physical evil can move into the area. It can also be used to disposess people of spirit or demonic forces.

Holy items - Some of the arsenal of holy weapons can be used by Acolytes but only the defensive ones due to the more defensive nature of the acolyte class.
Holy Water: This versetile vial carries a pint of holy water. It can be splashed on monsters, or spread on the ground defensively, or even used in exorcisms against stubborn demons. When it touches any vampire or black aligned monster it bursts into holy flames. More importantly for an Acolyte it can be used to disinfect wounds of evil magic, or aid in exorcisms.
Garlic Laurel: Actually it's hardly a weapon but rather one more defensive measure. This wreath of garlic bulbs strung together emits a strong odor that burns the nostrils of vampires and lycanthropes.
The Good Book: Usually a bible, though a prayer book or other holy text will suffice. When read aloud its verses are intollerable to vampires, demons, and other such monsters alligned with the darkness. It is ideal for driving off evil spirits.

Magical Ward -
Drawing a circle of magical energy creates a ward. As long as the ward is of dominant power and alignment enemies can not enter. This also changes the alignment of the ambient magical energy inside the ward. The ward is always the same alignment of the acolyte. The acolyte, reguardless of type, has to have completed a single quest to use this.

Path to Destruction -
Sounds like a keen power, right? Remember that all power comes at a cost. Sometimes things must be sacrificed to reach that cost. In this case, the acolyte's powers. Any of the following powers may be performed INSTANTLY by an acolyte using the Path. Heal, Regrowth, Cure disease/poison, remove blindness/deadness/ect., remove curse, bless. With the path, the recently dead (assuming they are willing to come back to life) can be revived assuming the character has completed at least seven quests. Sounds great and all. But here's the problem. For five days after a Path has been done, NONE of the following Acolyte powers may be used AT all. Heal, Regrowth, Cure disease/poison, remove blindness/deadness/ect., remove curse, bless, smite, Exorcism/purification, and magical ward. Which leaves the Acolyte, for that time period... some what... pathetic. Use this with caution.


Black Alignment: Due to a deal with the devil to save the soul of his loved one, Fear has a black alignment rather than a white alignment.

Taboo Restrictions:
As a holy man/woman, there are certain things you can not do. Period. Ever. EVER ever. Things Slayers could get away with you will pay for. This naturally varies by religion, however if you break these taboos, you loose all of your holy powers until you seek the correct redemption as though you performed a path to destruction. If the crime is bad enough, you even lose your special alignment. Redemption is usually difficult to acheive, though it can be worked out by both player and QMs. Other minor ones include a Pacifist becoming a Benefactor by standing and fighting, though this doesn't drain you of your holy coffers it does mean that all your powers are now based off the Benefactor rather than the Pacifist. If this was an intentional change, do nothing. If it wasn't, you have some repenting to do.

Supernatural senses:
The vision of an Acolyte is not at all restricted to the physical plane. The planes of spirits and the flow of magical energy are all visible to him/her.

Worldly Knowledge:
This class not only has knowledge of lands and customs far from his home shores, but also of many occult things- usually dealing with the ocean. They're a superstitious lot and like to swap stories- though the stories may not always be true. This class also knows a smattering of many foreign languages- especially insults and vulgarities.

Weapon Familiarity:
Not only can this class start with a gun, but they can use most weapons quite effectively. This includes swords, guns, and even heavier (and rarer) weapons like cannons. Combine this with other combat classes and you get a superb fighter.

This class can wield two weapons at once with little to no problems when attacking. This quality is not just restricted to combat uses- use your imagination.

Physical Prowess:
This class not only keeps their balance extremely well, but they are stronger and more dextrous than most average classes (however, not as strong as any Combat class nor as dextrous as, say, an Alchemist). Besides that, they are also a little resistant to more unpleasant things- such as being able to avoid throwing up.

Blue Alignment:
Being at sea so much one tends to soak up its smell, and even without noticing a sailor may soak up the kind of wild magic that exists out at sea. This means that a sailor tends to go ignored by blue aligned monsters, unless the monster is attacked first or specifically ordered to attack. It also allows the character to basically bypass most moderately powerful blue wards.

Physical Prowess: This class is highly agile and fast of foot.

Treasure sense: This class is known for its expert treasure hunting skills. As many missions require not destroying something but finding something of value. As such this class has an accute sense for when something of value is nearby.

Pathsmanship: Quite simply put, this class never gets lost. Mazes are easily navigated, and a keen sense of direction makes finding a destination easy. As such this class makes an ideal guide for questing parties.

Fast Fingers: While an agents hands aren't as steady and precise as an experianced craftsman or alchemist, they're still far more skilled than the untrained man.

Light Feet: the Agent/mercenary/assassin class is a highly trained stealth type. To that end even the natural walk of an agent is nearly silent to avoid tipping off anyone to their presence.


Major: Fear made a deal with the devil to save his wife's soul after she was possessed by a demon and committed suicide. Because it's to save another soul, Fear's abilities remain although it made him neutral and gave him a black alignment rather than a white one.

Moderate: Fear has to constantly fight a darkness within himself contracted from his deal with the devil. This darkness often encourages him to use his powers in anger, to let his rage take control. It is an almost constant urge.

Minor: Fear is hunted on rare occasions by lesser demons and some necromancers, due to his bearing the mark of a man who has met the devil.


Major: Due to the deal with the devil, Fear is one of the rare people who can come back as a Black Soul. This does not really effect him in combat but is, if need be, an absolute last resort. To do so will disable his holy abilities though.

Moderate: That same darkness that makes him want to go into a rage can overtake him. He will then attack everyone around him, enemies and allies alike, whichever is closer, for three minutes. During that time, his abilities are a little bit enhanced.

Minor: Due to his experience as a privateer, he does have some enhanced fighting prowess.

Backstory: Fear Salvatore was born in Transylvania in the year of 1843. As an adolescent, he was raised by a protestant family. He spent much of his time praying and going to church up until the age of sixteen. A Vampire attacked his family, and he alone survived. He continued to own the house, and took up farming. One year later, he courted a woman from town.
Her name was Maria Krandor, a young blonde woman. He courted her for four months with her father's permission, and then they married. Three years later, the Vampire returned to tie up loose ends. Fear fought, and discovered his acolyte power of smite. Using this ability, Fear stabbed the Vampire through the heart with a knife, and managed to kill it.
Four months later, Maria became more violent. She often attacked Fear, who took the brunt of it with stoicness and confusion. He couldn't understand why she was so angry at him. But then he began to see signs of her pregnancy, and was overjoyed. He attributed her attacks to her moodswings. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.
One night, while he slept, Maria snuck out of the bedroom. She went into town and climbed on the old steeple attached to the roof. Her eyes glowing yellow, she jumped. One of the villagers informed Fear of the incident, and he ran down to the village. Upon seeing her body, he broke down, kneeling and crying by her dead body. The catholic church which was dominant in the town, ruled her death a suicide.
The people followed the proper code and beheaded the body, then buried it at a crossroads. This infuriated Fear. He went to the village elders to have them change the ruling, but they refused. In the dead of the night, Fear dug up her body and began to move her into the church graveyard. Just before he buried her though, he noticed some markings on the back of her neck, where it would've normally been hidden by her hair. As he looked, the markings moved, and formed the face of a demon, who laughed at him. Snarling, he stabbed the demon in the face, then buried the body.
A week later, he tracked down an individual who knew of the dark arts. He described the demon's face, and the occultist confirmed that it was indeed a demon. The occultist then gave Fear a way to communicate with the Devil, using a ritual.
Fear went home to his bedroom, where he got the materials he needed. The ritual was similar to that of some seers in the area. He got a black sacrificial dagger and a bowl of water, along with some red candles. He lit the candles around the bowl, then used the dagger to cut one wrist. Not deep enough to do major harm, just enough to draw blood. When the blood hit the water, he looked down into the bowl and used the dagger to make a cross in the water. When this was done, a face took shape.
It wasn't the face he expected to see. He expected scales and horns, and solid black eyes. The face he say instead was handsome, with pale skin and a pair of regular blue eyes. The hair was black and long, like many ancient warriors used to keep theirs.
"What do you want?" Lucifer asked, smiling.
"I want to make a deal." Fear said, his face hard.
"What kind of deal?" Lucifer asked, his eyes flashing with interest.
"I'd like to trade my soul for my wife's, Maria Krandor. She was possessed by one of yours and forced to commit suicide." Fear said, his voice betraying his anger.
"Ahhhhh, the soul of an acolyte. Now that is rare indeed." Lucifer said. "I suppose that seems like a more than fair trade. Put your hand to the water."
His hand quivering, Fear put his hand to the water, where the devil's own hand was. As it hit the surface of the water, he felt the hand. A surge of energy blew into him, and a dark flame spread across his arms and shoulders, as well as his neck.
The devil laughed. "Now, you must fight the darkness for the rest of your life. Everytime you let your rage overtake you, the flames will spread. If it ever covers both your heart and your face, which are the last two places it will reach, you will be beyond evil."
Fear shuddered, and looked at the bowl, which became nothing more than bloody water. What have I done? he thought before slipping into unconciousness.
For the next few years, Fear traveled on the ships, working as a privateer. At one point they landed in Persia, where he found the place to feel like home. He stayed there for a few months, learning their fighting style after failing to beat one of their streetrats in a knife fight. He trained under a master who taught him to use the Shamshir sword and Persian daggers.
Then he learned of a place where dark forces were gathering. Intense dark forces. Maybe I can earn a redemption, he thought. Thus he decided to head to Veros, in hopes of breaking the deal while still keeping his wife in heaven


Name: John Rayne
Classes:Seer, Mentalist, sub-class privateer
Ability upgrades: Pyro-lvl 4(anywhere in view), Past link- 2 times per day, Present Link- 3 times per day
Weapons: 10ft chain, .44colt, "Bloodwisp" Falchion
Supplies: Tabbard, brown leather backpack, family crest necklace, black leather bracelet.

Name: Kyrian Draconis
Money: 42G
Special Abilities:
"Demon's Wrath"- Kyrian will push forward on the offensive with a series of slashes, then kick the opponent back, and jump into the air to come down with a downward slash.
Weapons: "Seraphim's" Dagger, "DarkRayne" Dagger, "Lightning" Spear, "Devil" Flamberge
Supplies: Family necklace, black travel pack, fur cloak, fur blanket, tabbard
Pet: White Raven

Name: Logan Night
Scimitar- all black with bloodred flames engraved in the handle. Blade has a blue hue in the light.
Scimitar- all black with bloodred flames engraved in the handle. Blade has a red hue in the light.
2-handed Broadsword- all black with a set of wings engraved into the blade. Also has a ruby encrusted into the handle.
10 Throwing knives- meant to be used more than once.
NightReaver- Logan Steps forward and brings his sword upward, pivots on his left foot and brings his sword up and towards his left, then turns again with a backward stabbing motion and
pivots again around his opponent and tears his blade out of his opponents left side.
Templar's Wrath- Logan uses his broadsword to begin a whirlwind-type motion while pivoting, moving towards his enemy using the rebound from blocked attacks to gain momentum until using a grand cleave from the side, allowing for disembowelment.
Money: 83g
Supplies: Canteen, flint and steel, blanket, woodsman axe, (4x) 20 page notebooks, (5x) Blank scrolls, (1x) set of lockpicks, tabbard
Recipes: Sandwich, Coffee, Tea, Soup, Omelet, Stew
Possessions: Ruby Necklace, Black Monk's Robes, Bandages (x1), Modern Matches (x3), Sash


Name: Caliban Valentine "Cal" / Rahvenge "Rah"
Specie: Dampiel
Weapons: Carries a lever-action Henry Rifle with a custom painted-dull black stock. The Kukri he carries on his back has a black handle with a silver cross, and the blade itself (made of a black metal) also has a silver cross about halfway to the tip. For his sidearm he carries a sawed off triple-barrel shotgun that has three triggers.
Belongings: Flint and steel, single pot, deerskin pack, crimson hooded jacket, extra pair of boots, suit, tan shirt, brown fingerless gloves, and extra pair of black trousers. Tabbard.
Ammo: 10 shotgun slugs, 6 rifle rounds

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