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 Post subject: Hannibal "The Wall" Hadrian
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Name: Hannibal Hadrian (more often goes by "Hadrian" when not speaking with family)
Aliases: The Wall, HH (pronounced "Double H"), Big bro (only to Pious),
Alignment: Hero
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Class 1: Brute
Class 2: Swordsman
Sub-Class 3: Occultist

Godendag: Hadrian's primary weapon. a heavy 6' long squared wooden club, wider on the far end
than the close, with a thick iron spike on each of the four sides near the business end. Ideal for piercing armor and bodies alike with the spikes. Originally a Polish weapon who's name means "have a nice day" traditionally said after clubbing the victim to death. It's meant to be a two handed weapon but to Hadrian it's a one hander.

One handed battle axe: This is a medieval double edged battle axe. The head is actually forged from a single piece of steel, and the handle built around it. The axe head's contours form nearly a perfect circular shape with their blades. it's quite large, being 20lbs in the head and about two feet wide, it's still a light weapon by Hadrian's standards.

Great axe: This is a gigantic custom built axe weighing about 80 lbs. The mast is seven feet long, and designed to detach for easier carrying. The axe head has a wide curve designed for cutting through multiple enemies in one swing. The back side of the axe features a large hooked blade, edged on both sides, that's nearly in size to the axe head, and identical in weight to allow the weapon to balance. Hadrian doesn't use this weapon every day as it requires quite a bit of room to swing. He normally straps the head onto his back, where it doubles as a turtle shell like armor. The mast makes a convenient walking stick, when not part of the axe.

Trident: Hadrian picked up this simple weapon recently. It's impractical for the wide swings he likes to make, but he kept it due to the need for an occasional quick thrust. He has since cut the handle off halfway to make it a one handed weapon.

Hight: 6'10"
Eyes: Green
Hair blond and long, tied into a ponytail.
Face: He has a strong but not comically large jawline. In spite of this his facial expression is usually very kind and gentle. He has recently grown a handlebar mustache. (not depicted in sketch)
Build: Hadrian is tall but not the tallest brute around. His build is more athletic and well proportioned rather than just large and monstrous like most brutes. Some might underestimate his strength in comparison to larger individuals by looking at him but Hadrian's muscles simply grew more dense as he gained strength rather than adding bulk. His weight of a whopping 450lbs. proves that much.

Attire: Hadrian wears brown and black canvas pants, and an old fashioned stitch up short sleeved shirt, which unlike buttoned shirts will expand when he flexes. His feet are covered by a tough pair of leather boots.

House: Hadrian has lived in Veros most of his life, and helped move the town. He built a house for himself in town during the reconstruction 8 years ago.
Bracelet: This is a knitted bracelet with interwoven colored glass beads given to Hadrian by his younger brother Pious prior to setting out for America eight years ago.
Retired Axe: This si the great axe Hadrian yous eight years ago to defend Veros, and more recently during the zombie outbreak. After having to kill a hunter to spare him a more horrid death, Hadrian retired the weapon, and locked it in his basement.
Warlock's skull: Hadrian doesn't know the man's name but this is the severed head of the warlock who cursed his younger brother.
Books of worldly knowledge: Hadrian's father was a traveling historian, and has given him numerous books over the years.

Brotherly attachment: Hadrian has one small weakness. a 5' tall weakness actually. His younger brother Pious. Since Pious has grown to the age a 14 and become a hunter himself he's quite vulnerable. Anyone who could exploit this would have Hadrian wrapped around their finger.

Burden hardest to bear: Hadrian is quite famous for defending Veros 8 years ago. Even though most of the old town burned down Hadrian saved countless lives. Unfortunately this puts high expectations on him to protect the town, rather than his own interests leaving him to
push himself to extremes.

Wide Swing: Hadrian is an axeman first and foremost and that seriously hinders him
in tight spaces where he can't gather a full swing, preventing him from doing as much damage as he could. For this reason he has to avoid being boxed in.

No dumb brute: Because Hadrian's father is a historian, Hannibal is quite the scholar himself. He prides himself as having trained his mind as strongly as his body, and is quite knowledgeable in world history, and the natural sciences.

Endless Endurance: With so much responsibility heaped upon his shoulders, Hadrian has learned to fight continuously for days on end without food or rest and minimal water. He never seems to tire, as he goes into an adrenaline powered battle euphoria, during which he'll never slow down, or weaken until the battle is done. This once lasted for six days in a row. After this though he'll sleep for half as long as he'd been fighting. If he fought for three days straight he'd sleep for 36 hours non-stop.

Backstory: 8 years ago during the last Dracula incident four set off to castle Dracula, and felled the dark lord. One warrior however stayed behind to keep the minions of Dracula at bay and defend the people of Veros.

A young man named Hannibal Hadrian, the son of a traveling historian and a local woman, who'd been known for his strength already, took up his enormous axe and when the minions of Dracula invaded Veros, drew a line in the ground and said "Nothing will cross this line"

For six days Hannibal stood his ground felling endless waves of monsters until finally the dark lord was defeated by the heroes whom had ventured to Castle Dracula and with him his monsters returned to dust.

Hadrian slept for three days afterwords and when he awoke he found the townspeople referring to him as "The Wall" for his stand. As he promised he held his line and not a single monster passed through as if someone had constructed a wall of stone on that very spot.

But his elation ended when the moon rose that night. For Hadrian remembered a warlock among the armies of monsters that he faced, who struck his younger brother Pious with a spell of some sort. At the time, he thought the spell had failed, but that full moon night his brother transformed. Pious had suffered the curse meant for Hannibal, and had become a wererabbit. Enraged, Hadrian located the grave of the warlock he'd killed, disinterred the body, cut off the head, and buried the rest upside down at the nearest crossroads.

Later Hadrian's father would opt to travel to America in search of a cure for Pious' lycanthropy. Hadrian however chose to remain behind and help the citizens of Veros rebuild their lives. Years later the brothers would be re-united. Things seemed peaceful until September 1860. The arrival of a so called "Preacher in Black" signified the beginning of dark times.

It was outright war in the streets of Veros as the living dead invaded. Hadrian held bravely against the hordes but when he saw the guild hunter Alexander Covenant being devoured alive he cast his axe into the unfortunate man. He holds in his heart the guilt of the innocent man's death. Things were further compounded when Pious Joined the Hunter's guild and left on a mission. But the last straw came with the appearance of a man named Morgenstern Jericho.

Jericho prior to the events of eight years ago had been a friend and rival to Hadrian, but now had re-emerged filled with dark power, having sold his soul to the Dark Lord. Hadrian fought an intense battle through the streets with Morgenstern but ultimately lost out, and was injured when he took a blow from Morgenstern's warhammer to his back.

After recovering Hadrian at last resolved that he could no longer sit idly by, and has come out of retirement, to join the guild. He would protect Veros, his brother, and the world.

Hannibal Hadria 's known relatives include the following.
Father: Julius Neros Hadrian
Half brother (younger): Pious Augustine Hadrian
Mother: Juno Bolerophone Hadrian (Deceased)
Step Mother: Roxane Hadrian (Pious' mother)

Special Moves:

Hadrian Toss (elder variant): Hadrian executes this move using his great axe or his Godendag. Catching the enemy in either the hook of the axe or on a spike of the Godendag he twirls around in a circle and with a flick of the wrist releases his enemy high into the air. The elder variant focuses on sending the enemy very high into the air and letting them crash down, usually head first, while covering not so much distance. This is quite useful against heavy enemies as it uses their own weight against them.
(Hadrian taught this move to Pious as well. Pious' younger variant focuses on throwing an enemy further horizontally than vertically.)

Grand Cleave: This move looks like Hadrian just taking his axe over head and chopping down, but it's far more than that. Hadrian channels all of his strength and directly converts his lifting capacity into striking power laying down a massive cleaving blow that can chop through flesh, bone, armor, and even stones. Ideal for taking down powerful and well defended foes. Grand Cleave can even shatter weapons and shields making blocking it nearly impossible.

Character Name: Graham Drake "The Preacher in Black"

Character Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian "The Younger Hadrian"

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