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So I wanted to screw around in the Metroid universe for a while so I thought I'd fire up this idea.

We're going to run freeform here since numbers aren't often put to the Metroidverse, and when they are they're usually pretty insane.

To help if you have some gaps in your Metroid knowledge there is the Metroid Wiki which should prove a useful reference.

Premise: Since humanity developed the technology for long distance space travel, humanity has begun to expand across the galaxy. In both times of peace and times of war humans have encountered many alien species and forged alliances eventually forming the Galactic Federation which spans the entire galaxy. Its capital planet is Daiban. (More information found here )

This RPG takes place some time after the end of Fusion, however the events of Other M and Fusion are not matters of public record and few would be aware of this even within the federation, however rumors are spreading of corruption and research into intergallactically prohibited bio weapons.

Events of note: Space Pirate attacks and the fall of Colony K2L among others. The rise of the space pirate empire, the integration of the Luminoth into the Galactic Fedaration, the Phazon War (however not all the details of Samus' involvement in said war), the complete destruction of Planet Zebes, the destruction of planet SR388 and the rumored (but unconfirmed) extinction of the Chozo.

Historic record also exists of the decline and collapse of the Bryonian civilization, however the natives of Bryo have become less hostile to visitors since the end of the Phazon war.

Samus Aran herself is often treated as an urban legend by those who've never met her, and commonly believed that her exploits must have been the work of several people, as surely no one woman could do so much. Surely right?

With the capture of the space pirate homeworld during the Phazon war and the destruction of their backup base on Zebes (as well as the rest of the planet), the space pirate menace has been largely eliminated, their networks disrupted, their leadership destroyed, and their remnants scattered. The remaining space pirates exist in scattered pockets only daring to ambush soft targets such as transports and remote colonies.

The current concerns for the GF come from corruption within, however an uneasy truce stands ever in danger at the borders of the ever expanding Kriken empire. In order to avoid stirring up hostilities or just to keep things quiet, the GF rarely mobilizes its own troops, and instead hires out work to bounty hunters, highly skilled individuals often equipped with the most advanced weaponry available, often these weapons are prizes from their previous adventures making the bounty hunters who survive stronger and stronger until like the legendary Samus Aran they can accomplish what armies could not. You are one such bounty hunter, and you will be hired to complete clandestine missions, sometimes to defeat the GF's enemies, sometimes to snuff out corruption within, or depending on your just might be party of it yourself.

Also for the fun of it, we're going to confirm for the sake of this game that F-zero does indeed take place in the same universe as Metroid.

Character sheet:
Gender: (if your species HAS one)
Planet of Origin:
Weapons: Just be reasonable with them. Lots of hunters pack a well rounded arsenal, while others rely on their natural abilities. You can pick an existing weapon or make one up. Most would consider covering a heavy weapon, a medium weapon, a side arm, and a melee, but you may want, more less, or something different. Samus for instance usually doesn't use melee weapons.
Suit: If any. (Lots of bounty hunters wear powered armor varying from just armor plating, to full giant mech suits)
Transport: (Every hunter needs a ship)
Unique characteristics: (Things that make you different from what is typical of your species and/or alliance)

Now here's what's available:
Species: You may refer to the Wikitroid for more info, or to pick something unlisted.

Human: The most populous species in the galaxy. Humans are technologically advanced, adaptable, clever, richly varied, and it's convenient that most of the tech the GF puts out is already sized and shaped for them. Most humans prefer to wear GF battle armor, of which exist many variants depending on the branch, and many variations within each branch depending on the job, that provides enhanced defense against weapons and biological threats, protection from hazardous environments, and life support systems that allow them to function in space. Some humans however have picked up armors of alien origin, or built custom armors, still others opt to instead modify their bodies through either illegal biological alterations, or through the more common method of cyborg implants, which leads us to...

Cyborg: Actually any species can be a cyborg. These vary from simple enhancements like nanites in the bloodstream, to replacing lost body parts, to the full on brain in a jar full machine bodies. Most cyborgs opt for the information package as well, allowing them to interface with machines more easily. Needless to say those who replace body parts often like the convenience of totally integrating their weapons into their bodies.

Luminoth: Lumonoth are the only "high evolved" species still surviving in the galaxy, however they are still recovering from disasters that befell their home planet Aether and their population is extremely low. They originated as a space faring species but settled on Aether for many generations before suffering from a comet impact which devastated their world, however they are now rebuilding. Luminoth may seem peaceful, and are quite dogmatic about their religion of light, and even encountered the Chozo in their past and were regarded as equals. However Luminoth unlike the Chozo are also warriors, and slew massive numbers of Ing in the years leading up to the Phazon War. They are regarded as having developed technology for planetary energy control and the transmission and preservation of said energy, and developing notable weapons, the Dark beam, the Light Beam, the Annihilator, the Sunburst, The Darkburst, the Sonic boom, and the screw attack, as well as the echo visor. They also constructed a large number of battle robots that fight alongside them including the massive walking tank weapon quadraxis. Luminoth may look like big fuzzy moths, and appear calm and collected, but those who cross them will know their wrath. As reconstruction is still taking place on Aether, the Luminoth are not known to be found outside their homeworld, but a few warriors from the Ing conflict leading up to the Phazon War, found it difficult to settle back into a peaceful existence.

Phygrissian: A species originating from Phygris, a moon of Bes III best knows for its ice mines. Phygrissians evolved the ability to generate and control ice, and survive in extremely low temperatures. They are better known as laborers than warriors however, and it isn't normal for one to become a bounty hunter. Their resemblance to Vhozons in body structure, and their affinity for ice brings into question if they're connected.

Vhozon: Natives of planet Vho, a planet constantly covered in ice. This extremely frigid planet lead its natives to develop an affinity for ice. Vhozons have an extremely thick outer shell that serves as an insulator against the cold, allowing them to survive and thrive indefinitely at sub-zero temperatures. This also serves as handy armor against attacks. Vhozon culture has an extremely zealous view of morality, and is enforced strictly within their culture. Vhozons become bounty hunters to root out evil in the universe, and consider it the highest of callings. They are technically allies with the GF, but they tend to act autonomously. They are fierce warriors by birth. They are noted for having natural armaments aside from their previously mentioned exoskeleton, their arms end in long sharpened blades, that have become their species traditional weapon called the "Vhoscythe." which can carve through metal armors with ease. They also have the ability to curl up and compact their bodies into a tight but mobile package. Possibly this was originally developed as a survival mechanism, but Vhozon martial arts makes use of this by spinning at high speed, and extending their vhoscythe to cut with even more power once up to speed. They have also developed supercooled plasma technology and weaponized it into their native weapon the "Judicator." A dense beam of plasma that is effective at long range and travels at high speed. It's quite powerful. When the power is amplified by charging, the Judicator can also fire a short range, omni directional burst of supercooled plasma that can encase nearby enemies in ice. Vhozon are deadly at close range and long range, and would be the most deadly of bounty hunters if only they could ever learn to work with others.

Kriken: Most of the insect like Kriken are fanatically loyal to the Kriken empire. They are highly aggressive and constantly seek glory and conquest to improve their rank. They have what barely qualifies as a truce with the GF and don't much care for space pirates either. To the Kriken there is glory for the empire and not much else. Kriken warriors modify their bodies with biotechnology to imbed weapons directly into their flesh, and extend and sharpen their already vicious claws, as well as contort themselves into a more compact form called the "Triskelion." which can slip through more narrow passages. Kriken have developed cloaking technology allowing them to become invisible, however does not function while moving, and the Imperialist a high powered, long range, sniper laser. A single Kriken sniper can scatter both sides of an entire battlefield, given their invisibility, the light speed of their weapon, and their ability to slip away.

Space Pirates: Space pirates, a species and occupation in one. They usually look something like a cross between insectoid and reptilian, but their constant modifications of their bodies, and genetic alteration means this species is ever in shift. Space Pirates capture and attempt to reproduce any technology they can get their hands on, and have no qualms with developing bio weapons. Science for them is less about careful experimentation as injecting whatever they can find into themselves and seeing what doesn't kill them. With rapid cloning technology they have little shortage of fresh volunteers. The empire the space pirates once built is gone, and only small scattered bands exist. Some survive doing the only thing they know how to do, others dream of rebuilding and new conquest, while others would see the galaxy burn for revenge.

Bryonian Reptilicus: Planet Bryo was once home to an advanced civilization the Reptilicus. These reptilian people possessing four arms and keen senses became masters of magic first and later of science, and were even recognized by the Chozo as an enlightened race. However a schism formed between the magic using primitives and the scientifically advanced Lords of Science that threw the planet into chaos eventually destroying their entire civilization, and leaving the planet an uninhabitable wasteland save for a narrow band of habitable zone around the planet's equator. Here the savage remnants of the Reptilicus primitives, technically the victors of the great war. The impact of a phazon meteor during the phazon wars degenerated the natives into savage beasts irrationally attacking any who set foot on their homeworld. Having lost the art and culture they sought to protect, most of the great magics they wielded, and living in scattered tribes they were in great need by the end of the phazon war.

The GF stepped in to help clean up and make peace with the locals. Bryo is now slowly recovering thanks to terraforming machines left behind by the last of the science lords, but it will take generations for most of the planet to host life again. Most reptilicus still shun the use of advanced technology, but a few have uncovered their planet's lost history and learned from the past. Taking up residence in the ruins of their old cities, they began trade with the GF exchanging an abundant natural resource, still produced by ancient machines on their world to this very day, Fuel gel for help in rebuilding their home, and defense against external threats.

Reptilicus are primitive people with a tribal culture, but they are skilled hunters and know some basic magic used for teleport spells, and to craft primitive energy weapons. Having four arms also makes them quite deadly in hand to hand combat. A handful have become bounty hunters and sought their destiny among the stars.

Robots, Androids and AI: Robots originate from all around the galaxy. The GF have developed perfectly humanoid robots, while on planet Elysium robots certainly look more robotic given there are no biological lifeforms on the planet for them to imitate. Fully sentient AI exist now, and it's even standard practice for high ranking GF officers to upload their personalities and memories to be converted into AI after their deaths. Though these AI aren't the originals, and are quite aware that they are copies, it allows society to benefit from what these people can create long into the future, and for others to know their life's work can continue beyond the grave.

Other species: The universe has many species in it, not all of which are covered here.

Create a species: Don't like your options? Make something up.

Galactic Federation: The milky way galaxy is home to the Galactic Federation, dedicated to maintaining peace in the galaxy, but it's grown too large to monitor all corners, and darker dealings go on in isolated regions of space. The GF has a vast arsenal of weapons technology, as well as a vast fleet of ships.

Space Pirate: Alliance usually goes with he race as seen above.

Kriken Empire: Ditto

Free Agent: Some Bounty hunters go to the highest bidder, while others have their own agenda.

Weapons available: ... ext=Search

Please use a bit of logic as to which ones you pick. We're assuming some of the weapons Samus uses may be widely available, while others are more unique. For instance Luminoth probably have the light beam, but the spazer is more uniquely hers. Similarly super weapons like the omega beam, and hyper beam are not something you'd see bounty hunters with. Missiles, however are fair game. Or just make up your own weapon.

Anyway, create a character, and start messing around. This is a quick and dirty RPG to just screw around with. Try to stay true to the feel of Metroid at least, no god characters, and have fun.

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