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Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Species: Free-Lycanthrope (Wererabbit)
Character Alignment: Hero
Religion: Christian (influenced by Native American shamanism)

Hight: 4'11
Eyes: Red
Hair: Sandy Blond
Build: Diminutive (Skinny and short)

Class 1: Tamer
Class 2: Swordsman
Sub-class 3: Agent

"Find your greatest weakness, and turn it into your greatest asset."
Reputations: "The Younger Hadrian" "Technically Engaged"

Money: 388G 5S

Personal: Braided Bracelet, Wooden Ring, Herb satchel, Various medicinal herbs
Pack: Canteen (Full), map, compass, bandages, sack of veggies, block of cheese(2), bag of candy, fruitcake, Bandages 2 rolls,

Armor: Tabbard, Chain Mail Vest, Leather Greaves

Missions Completed: 5

Skills List:
Tamer Skills: Animal Sympathy, Animal Speaking, Animal Reading
Animals Tamed: Grevior (crow), Levi (Crocodile)
Animal Semblance: Crow, Crocodile

Weapon of choice: Modified Halberd. (an axe bladed halberd modified with a lynch pin joint in mid shaft to separate into two smaller sections)

Ankle daggers: A curved dagger is strapped, blade protruding to each of Pious's ankles. Not that useful in human form but powerful when transformed.

Spiked Buckler: A small steel buckler shield with a spike in the center.

Attire: knee length short pants (Very loose) stitch up shirt (also loose), vest, no shoes, uses cloth wrappings during colder months. Clothes loose fitting intentionally to accommodate transformations.

Extra attire: Heavy long coat, straw hat. These are useful during colder weather or when Pious may need to disguise himself.

Transformed: Like all lycanthropes, the severity of Pious' transformation varies depending on the phases of the moon. Pious transforms into a wererabbit. Light brown and varying between slightly shorter than Pious at 4' tall in its weakest state, to a 6' tall heavily muscled super wererabbit during full moons.

His long, sharp incisor teeth grant him a powerful bite that can slice through thick leather armor. His claws like those of a real rabbit are non-retractable meaning they aren't as sharp as a cat's but still savagely curled giving him excellent grip for high speed running and turning, and still enough to inflict lacerations on his enemies.

His dense leg muscles are his greatest asset as he can kick with tremendous force, jump to seemingly impossible heights, and propel himself at blinding speeds.

Lycanthrope (Major): Pious is like all lycanthropes cursed to transform any time he sees the moon at night. The fear normal humans have for lycanthropes and their violent rampages is well known. Pious must carefully guard himself not only to keep his secret safe from others, but must strain to remain in control to keep others safe from himself. As with his kind, even if he regains some control, he knows that he faces the inevitable day when he will
transform and never change back.

As a side effect, Pious is also a vegetarian, due to the dietary preferences of his other side bleeding into his personality.

Runt (moderate): Pious unlike his brother Hannibal is small and puny looking for his age. He is often mistaken for being much younger than he is, and consequently treated like a child.

Timid (minor): Like the rabbit he is cursed to become Pious is frightened easily, and shy around new people. Though against monsters he can muster up his courage.


Speed Demon (Major): Though small and not much in the raw muscle department Pious is extremely fast and nimble, able to run the four minute mile easily. When transformed he can easily lap the fastest horses at 35mph. Under a full moon he's a legitimate candidate for world's fastest land animal breaking 80mph.

Deceptive Strength (moderate): Pious is actually stronger than he looks. Though he'll never measure up to his brother's department in terms of muscle he can actually lift his weapon and fight with it quite well.

Educated (minor): Pious is the son of a scholar, and shows it. He's quite well versed in history, botany, anatomy, animal behaviors, wilderness survival, herbalism, medicine, various fields of science, and speaks English, Romanian, French, Latin, and Navajo.

Special Moves:

Hadrian Toss (younger variant) Lv1: Pious hooks his enemy with the underside of his halberd's ax blade or on the hooked backside and making use of his lower stance can leverage an enemy off their feet and spin them around, sending them flying away. While his brother's variant of this move focuses on sending an enemy into the air, Pious' variant of the Hadrian toss is designed to launch an enemy over distance. It's useful for hurling an enemy into an obstacle for extra damage.

Dragooner Lv1: Pious performs a pole vault with his Halberd and comes diving down with a spearing halberd attack. Since Pious is fairly light he can gain great altitude easily. In the event he performs this move indoors he can spring off the ceiling instead of waiting for gravity to bring him down.

Lv2 (Dragon Slayer): This move can be used to knock around a smaller opponent, hit multiple foes, or deal 3 hits to one large enemy. Pious Pole vaults directly in front of his enemy striking with the hook of his halberd. If the enemy is human sized or smaller he can drag it into the air with himself, otherwise he rakes the blade across his foe. Against a particularly large enemy this can cut the enemy all the way up. At the peak of his jump Pious strikes once with his ax blade knocking his foe downward, then follows landing with the spearhead of his halberd to impale his enemy. Because it was originally designed to defeat monsters much larger than a human the move was named "Dragon Slayer." If inside Pious will rebound off the ceiling at the height of his jump. This move due to its physical demands should only be performed once per day.

Lv3 (Dragonheart): Pious combines both his human and wererabbit powers into a single powerful attack. Transforming for a brief instant into his wererabbit form Pious uses his enhanced speed and jumping ability to launch his dragooner attack, sending him hundreds of feet into the air. He is capable of up to ten seconds of hang time at the peak of his jump. From the ground it may be unclear if Pious is even still on the battlefield. From above he can select his target and descend at incredible speed, and land on his target with either a spearing, or cleaving axe blow, channeling the force of his descent into his attack, causing a shockwave of pressure from the force of impact. This move is capable of piercing even the strongest armors, and dealing massive damage to large enemies. Said to be able to even cut out the heart of a dragon. Given the extreme amount of power channeled and the demands on Pious' Physical, mental, and even spiritual energy it can not be performed more than once in any given mission. It is also limited by the materials Pious' halberd is made of and may cause weapon damage. Should Pious miss, his weapon will be driven into the ground with enough force to bury the entire staff, requiring a good amount of excavation to retrieve it.

Internalization Lv1: Pious can combine his tamer abilities, and his swordsman meditation abilities to suppress the psychological trigger that causes him to transform in moonlight. However this requires constant focus, and is much like flexing a muscle. He can't maintain it without constant mental effort.

Lv2: Pious can also use his internalization ability in reverse to intentionally trigger a transformation, should his wererabbit form be needed outside of moonlit hours. He will default to whatever form the current phase of the moon dictates. He can use Internalization lv1 to revert, or simply spend a few calm minutes in sunlight.

Lv3: Pious can in desperate need trigger his transformation into his full moon super wererabbit form to unleash its full strength, however doing this is a risky venture, as Pious does not have full control over his super form. The wererabbit is a berserker that will strike out at anything it sees as a threat. Though ultimately the creature is still Pious, and he subconsciously can recognize friends and foe, his logical mind isn't in charge. This means he isn't able to attain the focus needed to change back. If Pious uses this move he won't return to human form physically or mentally until the next sunrise.

Julius Neros Hadrian was a traveling scholar in his younger years. When traveling through Transylvania in the year 1830 investigating the legend of the "Dark Lord Dracula" he met a woman in the town of Veros by the name of Juno Bolerophone, and made her his assistant.

Juno was the daughter of local merchants and self taught in many fields including local history. She made the perfect Compliment to Julius's work and he soon found she also made the perfect compliment to his life. Julius Neros settled down and married a year later and yet another year later would have his first son Hannibal Hadrian.

Hannibal grew fast and become a strong young man. Always larger than the other children Hannibal was enormous by his teen years. Sadly Juno was not so healthy as her son, and fell ill during the brief Dracula Incident of 1844, and died soon after.

Saddened by his loss Julius packed up and took his son with him returning to his birthplace in England to continue his research there. But no man can remain a recluse forever. Eventually his sadness ended and he learned to love again. Eliza was her name and with his son's blessing Julius Neros remarried and would be blessed with a second son.

This is where the story of Pious Augustine, second son of Julius Neros begins. A year after the birth of Pious, Julius resolved to complete his research in Transylvania.
Sons and wife in tow he returned, Hannibal aiding him now, while Eliza cared for the young Pious. As a toddler Pious was found often to follow his older brother around, showing the greatest of admiration.

However life again changed for the familly in the year 1852 when the dark lord Dracula made his return once more. Hannibal had seen it before and was prepared now, a strong man skilled in combat.

He took up his heavy ax and stood his ground in Veros protecting his familly and the people of the town while, Reinhardt Shneider, Carrie Ferhandez, Henry Oldrey, and Charlie Vincent set off to the castle to defeat Dracula.

It would be during the final wave of Dracula's minions, that a dark warlock appeared amongst the skeletons, werewolves, zombies, and other horrors. As Hannibal tore down the monsters, not letting a single one pass the line he drew in the dirt days ago, the warlock began to cast a spell.

Hannibal always blamed himself for what happened next, but never could have known his brother had been watching from the window of a nearby home. Thinking the battle won Pious rushed out to congratulate his brother only to find himself cought up in the curse cast by the evil Warlock.

Hannibal unsure of what was happening hurled his axe forward catching its blade in the chest of the warlock, killing him in mid spell.

However half the spell had already been cast and Pious was the victim.

It wouldn't be until the next nightfall that Pious and his family knew what actually happened.

The child found that in the light of the moon he transformed into a tiny were-rabbit. Not a vicious berserker like most lycanthropes he retained his sentient mind, likely due to Hannibal's quick action.

It was clear the spell was meant for Hannibal in order to weaken him but his brother suffered the consequences.

Finding no one able to break the curse of the rabbit, Julius resolved to leave Transylvania for good and seek help elsewhere. Hannibal refused though, now a man he remained in Veros to build his own life.

Julius and Eliza traveled to America with Pious, and sought out aid from the shamans and witch doctors there, but they too could not break the curse. Ultimately Julius changed his resolve and told the coy, withdrawn Pious "Always remember this. Find your greatest weakness and turn it into your greatest asset."

At the time Pious couldn't understand, though after a few years he began to comprehend just what his father meant. At age 10 Pious first asked his father to take him back to Transylvania to see his brother. It would take a year before Pious could convince his father that this was best, and 2 more before actually arriving.

Having returned to the place of his birth Pious reunited with his brother. Julius and Eliza set off again to resume a search for a cure, leaving Pious in Hannibal's care.
Pious was taught his brother's heavy axe technique though had to modify it a bit to suit his own size, and on his 14th birthday was finally permitted to register with the hunter's guild.

Pious now had a daunting task ahead. To seek a cure for his curse, and live up to everything admirable he saw in his brother. Little did Pious know, that the shining monument that was his brother would soon cast a shadow over him which he could not escape.

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