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 Post subject: Mason Vauxnn
PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:28 am 
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Name: Mason Vauxnn
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Atheist

Job: Ex-Imperial Soldier (Wandering Mercenary)
- Class 1: Swordsman
- Class 2: Mercenary
- Sub-Class: Mentalist
Weapon of Choice:
- Partisan: A pole arm with a 42cm symmetrical spearhead used as the blade. The sturdy wooden shaft is 1.58m long and is somewhat thin, just enough to allow for easy maneuverability.
- Daggers (2): Two identical daggers, each with a black 15.2cm handle, a 7.6cm flat hilt, and a 34.4cm long double-edged blade.

- Single Minded: Mason is very good at what he does, which is fighting with pole arms. Unfortunately, this is the only weapon type he's proficient in, and he refuses to change that. Thusly, he cannot become an adequate user of any other weapon, using things like his daggers only for support outside of combat or as a last-ditch effort.
- No Religion: Because of Mason's lack of religion, he loses the ability to pray, and his meditation is limited.
- Planar Disbelief: Due to not believing in much of the supernatural, Mason does not have the ability to make contact with, or even see, anything in another plane.
- Saltpeter Allergies: Mason happens to have an allergy to, of all thing, saltpeter. It's not an extremely powerful allergy, but it is strong enough that it prevents him from using smoke bombs. Likewise, he cannot be in the vicinity of anyone else who decides to use one.
- Speed Decrease: Although he is still somewhat more agile and swift than many other humans, Mason doesn't gain the full benefit of most Mercenary's Physical Prowess due to his lack of focus on speed exercises.

- Weapon Proficiency (Pole Arm): Because Mason basically refuses to train in anything other than the pole arm, he is much better at using it than many others would be in a single weapon type by his age. He is extremely proficient at using pole arms, and can use them with agility and maneuverability that those wielding the weapon generally don't have.
- Multilingual: From the time he was a child, Mason had a distinct knack for picking up languages. Not only can he learn them easily, but he already knows quite a few European languages from being in the Imperial Guard for as long as he had been.
- Political Knowledge: Mason's time in the Imperial Guard taught him quite a bit about the workings of government, as well as those currently working for it.

Special Move:
- Spear Spiral: Mason stands sideways in relation to the target and spins the spear rapidly in front of him, hitting the opponent multiple times.

Mason is 6'2", weighing in at 195 pounds - he's quite lean, despite being a skilled user of his heavier weapon. He has a medium shade of brown hair that's always kept neat and tidy, along with matching eyes (bar the neat and tidy part). Despite being purely English, Mason almost always has a tan, an apparent inherent trait. His clothing consists of white leather pants and a sleeveless gray top, the latter of which is always tucked in (though not enough to be visibly taut). Mason wears brown leather boots that go about 9 centimeters above the ankle, which his pants tuck into. He wears an ornate silver wristband on both arms.

Mason was born on June 14, 1833, in the city of Nice, France. At that point it had belonged, however, to the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont, a title that Mason always remembered despite its recent acquisition by France. His family soon moved to England, however, for they were very anti-slavery and at that point it had just been abolished in the British Empire. They chose to settle down in Newcastle, moving into one of the newer neoclassical homes being built in the area at that time. It was there that Mason's father taught him to be proficient in the way of the pole arm, although the actual proficiency didn't come until much later. The basics were enough for Mason at that point, however, and he was perfectly fine with what he'd learned at a steady pace. It wasn't long before he was placed in the British Imperial Army, recruited by a ranking officer who had noticed his skills with the weapon. Mason's time there was well-spent, for he further improved his skills with the pole arm and truly discovered his innate ability to easily pick up languages. Not only this, but he learned many rogue-like skills from his trainer, along with a few more mental-based ones.

Due to the increased use of firearms, the need for fighters using close-quarters weapons became largely unnecessary. It wasn't long after the Indian Rebllion in 1857 when Mason was essentially laid off from his position in the Imperial Army. With enough cash to keep him by and a great amount of knowledge about many things, Mason decided to become a wandering mercenary, taking jobs when he could and basically doing what he could to stay alive and amused. Before doing this, however, he decided to check in on his family. As it turned out, his mother had died from a severe form of (of all things) the flu. His father was meagerly taking care of Mason's three surviving siblings, making Mason stay and help out for a few months when he returned. After everything was under control and his father had learned the necessary skills required to actually parent, Mason left again, figuring he could help better by earning some money to contribute to his family's obvious need.

Mason Vauxnn
Species: Human
Classes: Swordsman (Pole Arms)/Mercenary/Mentalist
Weapons: Partisan, Two Daggers
Money: 50G
Quests Completed: 0

Special Skills
- Spear Spiral: Mason stands sideways in relation to the target and spins the spear rapidly in front of him, hitting the opponent multiple times.

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