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 Post subject: Enzo Greyson
PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:06 am 
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Name: Enzo Greyson

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Species: Human

Character Alignment: Hero

Religion: Catholic

Job: Holy Agent

Class 1: Slayer

Class 2: Agent

Sub-class 3: Aristocrat

Weapon of choice: ChainBlade - A weapon forged by Kyrad Darkspawn, it appears as a simple sword with silver inlay. A switch at the base, however, transforms the weapon into a deadly bladed whip. It has been specifically tuned to white magic, allowing it to act as a conduit for an item crash...once. The effect causes the blades to explode, rendering the weapon useless.

Appearance: 5’8”, 190 lbs. with brown hair and eyes. He has a strong, lithe build, wielding both speed and strength. He usually wears a shiny set of half-plate armor.

Righteous - Enzo never bothered to learn some of the basic skills of being an Agent. He would never be caught with his hands in someone’s pocket, for one. Additionally, a locked door should be respected, except in extreme cases where it needs to be knocked down. As such, he never learned to pick locks or pockets.

Mobile Fighter - Enzo is smaller and weaker than a typical slayer, but is no less deadly in combat. He’s learned to use his size to his advantage, staying mobile while fighting to keep his opponent off-guard. As such, obstacles that would hinder other fighters are an opportunity for him. Running up walls, leaping over ledges, and swinging across gaps, all while wearing full armor, are just a few of the advantages he has.

When the Greyson family manor burned down mysteriously, the three surviving children were thought to be in danger. To protect them, they were separated and each given to radically different homes. Dan, the eldest, went to a prestigious academy. Fredo, the youngest, was sent to live with some of the servant’s extended family, to learn to be a baker. Enzo was delivered to a convent, to be raised in service to God. While none of them died, they were not exactly safe.
Enzo was wild and rambunctious, so he was given the strictest teachers. His heart was in the right place, and he never struggled with his studies. He simply couldn't play a passive role. They worked to direct his energy into something more productive, and found that while he didn't have the traditional strength and focus of a slayer, he was quick and motivated.
When Fredo finally came of age, and it was apparent there was no threat against the brothers, they were all summoned back home to reunite. Enzo was surprised to see that Fredo had abandoned his trade in favor of another, mentalism. Even more surprising was Dan making deals with some shady individuals for power, becoming a judasari. Despite their differences, the brothers were friendly, but soon went their separate ways.
A year later, Fredo contacted Enzo, saying that he sensed Dan was in danger. When they found Dan, he was indeed in rough shape. They got him to a healer, and tried to get information on his attacker. The healer, Grace Meredith, fixed Dan up, and contracted Kyrad Darkspawn to forge Enzo a weapon. During the delivery, however, it became apparent that Kyrad and Dan’s attacker were identical. Fredo managed to resolve the conflict by confirming Kyrad had no memory of ever meeting Dan, much less attacking him.
After the event, Dan continued with his recovery, but Fredo slipped away to help with the fighting in Veros. Leading a still-weak Dan, who could track his brother’s aura, Enzo heads towards Veros just as the final battle draws near.

Name: Kyrad Darkspawn
Status: Attacking Castle Dracula (yeah, I know, right?)

Name: Grace Meredith
Status: Defending Veros

Naem: Enzo Greyson
Status: Inside Castle Dracula

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