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ok people, i need some serious help here. i'm looking for Hard-rock love songs. Preferably something similar to nickelback, creed, staind, buckcherry, stuff like that. thanks for the help peoples!


Name: John Rayne
Classes:Seer, Mentalist, sub-class privateer
Ability upgrades: Pyro-lvl 4(anywhere in view), Past link- 2 times per day, Present Link- 3 times per day
Weapons: 10ft chain, .44colt, "Bloodwisp" Falchion
Supplies: Tabbard, brown leather backpack, family crest necklace, black leather bracelet.

Name: Kyrian Draconis
Money: 42G
Special Abilities:
"Demon's Wrath"- Kyrian will push forward on the offensive with a series of slashes, then kick the opponent back, and jump into the air to come down with a downward slash.
Weapons: "Seraphim's" Dagger, "DarkRayne" Dagger, "Lightning" Spear, "Devil" Flamberge
Supplies: Family necklace, black travel pack, fur cloak, fur blanket, tabbard
Pet: White Raven

Name: Logan Night
Scimitar- all black with bloodred flames engraved in the handle. Blade has a blue hue in the light.
Scimitar- all black with bloodred flames engraved in the handle. Blade has a red hue in the light.
2-handed Broadsword- all black with a set of wings engraved into the blade. Also has a ruby encrusted into the handle.
10 Throwing knives- meant to be used more than once.
NightReaver- Logan Steps forward and brings his sword upward, pivots on his left foot and brings his sword up and towards his left, then turns again with a backward stabbing motion and
pivots again around his opponent and tears his blade out of his opponents left side.
Templar's Wrath- Logan uses his broadsword to begin a whirlwind-type motion while pivoting, moving towards his enemy using the rebound from blocked attacks to gain momentum until using a grand cleave from the side, allowing for disembowelment.
Money: 83g
Supplies: Canteen, flint and steel, blanket, woodsman axe, (4x) 20 page notebooks, (5x) Blank scrolls, (1x) set of lockpicks, tabbard
Recipes: Sandwich, Coffee, Tea, Soup, Omelet, Stew
Possessions: Ruby Necklace, Black Monk's Robes, Bandages (x1), Modern Matches (x3), Sash


Name: Caliban Valentine "Cal" / Rahvenge "Rah"
Specie: Dampiel
Weapons: Carries a lever-action Henry Rifle with a custom painted-dull black stock. The Kukri he carries on his back has a black handle with a silver cross, and the blade itself (made of a black metal) also has a silver cross about halfway to the tip. For his sidearm he carries a sawed off triple-barrel shotgun that has three triggers.
Belongings: Flint and steel, single pot, deerskin pack, crimson hooded jacket, extra pair of boots, suit, tan shirt, brown fingerless gloves, and extra pair of black trousers. Tabbard.
Ammo: 10 shotgun slugs, 6 rifle rounds

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