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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:52 pm 
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I'm pretty sure for thosae who have played the DS castlevania game Order of ecclesia game the have heard of that name before. Well I have decided something, I am going to try to make that robot from the castlevania series. If any of you have any means to help me please respond to this post. I will post a video of the robot on youtube as soon as I can. Wish me luck!

Name: Barabus Davis

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Species: Human

Character Alignment: Dark

Religion: Atheist

Class 1: Aristocrat

Class 2: Assasian

Sub-class 3: Marksman

Weapons of choice: Hook hand(left hand), a cane with a skull carved on the handle, one sliver stake, one dagger.

Appearance: Pale skin color, usally hides his face in a sinister mask he made, has a hook for a left hand, boney frame, green eyes, wears a grey buisness suit and black cape, including a black top hat.

Flaws: A poor sport, has a phobia for wasp and spiders, megalomaniac, slightly crazy ever since he lost his hand in a duel, has nearly no honor, a greedy selfish person, A drunkard, and is physically weak.

Strengths: Always Armed-because he lost his hand a long time ago in a duel along time ago he now has a hook for a hand which he considers as his personal weapon.

"Stalkers Strike"-Hides into the darkness for 6 seconds then lungs at oppent to strike at either their face or throat 3 times with his hook tehn fires a shot at the wounded oppents head.

Possessions: One gray businuss suit, one top hat, one cape, one mask, one cane with a skull carved on the handle, his hook which is removable, Fork and spoon made from an elk bone, one bag of candy, one canister of scotch, one copper ring, 51 gold coins, one dagger, a sliver stake, 1 spartan shield and his boots, i bottle of very fine French wine.

Class Skill: Lock Picking (Combination Lock), Play Dead

Reputations gained: "Un-loyalist", "Lost to a Frenchman," Buffoon, Barabus the Handless, Miracle He's Still Alive, Undead Hunter

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