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 Post subject: Heartache
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:28 pm 
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Night was beginning to fall at the beach. Graham had been out jogging earlier in the sand, and had come to a rocky section secluded from public view. Now he was shadow boxing and appeared to be working on speed.

"Control the punch. Don't overextend. Hit the target and return. Stay on balance," he was repeating to himself.

The moon was shining down on him when he noticed a long shadow being cast across the beach by the light of the full moon.

"Miss Eliza," He said noticing the red headed school nurse, and ex wife of his now departed mentor.

Eliza gave him a stare that chilled him to his core.

"What's wrong..." Graham asked as she walked out onto the beach and then gazed out over the ocean.

She turned back toward Graham without a word, both figures cast in the moonlight. Graham could barely make out her face. She looked as if she was holding back tears.

"What's wrong miss Eliza? Why are you looking at me like that? Why are you..." Graham knew that look now. He saw the same thing when he emerged from the explosion he'd set off back at the underground complex.

"Why are you looking at me like you've seen a ghost," Graham said with apprehension.

Just then Eliza pointed a finger and from just above her a beam fired briefly causing a flash of red light and causing heat ripples to rise off of it. It flew over Graham's shoulder singing his hair slightly. He looked back to see sand now turned to molten glass where it landed.

"Prove to me..." she said choking on her own words as Graham took a step back.

"Miss've always been nice to me. I don't want to fight you," Graham said.

"Prove to me you're strong enough to survive," Eliza shouted and without budging fired off three more beams.

((BGM: Toby Fox: Heartache ))

Two beams struck to Graham's side showering him in pebbles as the rocks near him were superheated and exploded.

The third struck Graham's shoulder, and for the first time since he'd been burned by the flames in which Mr. Darke disappeared he felt the heat scald him.

Graham backed away, but another beam fired straight down behind him. Eliza seemed to be able to fire these beams from anywhere. Had she been holding back on her true power all this time? But why was she doing this? Several more beams rained down on Graham, some missing, some hitting him with exploding rocks, and some burning him.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Graham cried out to no avail.

He tried to dodge, but these attacks were too fast, and there was no clue as to where they would come from or when they would start. Like lasers, they seemed to be as fast as light, hitting almost instantaneously.

"Masers Graham. Short for microwave lasers. Don't you remember what I said my powers are? I can receive and transmit radio waves. Microwaves are also a kind of radio wave," She explained through a cracking voice as she maintained a relentless bombardment barring Graham from escape every time he tried to run away.

"Even your pyromancy won't protect you. Microwaves aren't just heat, they directly disrupt molecules. They move at the speed of light, and they'll cook you from the inside if you get hit enough," She continued.

Eliza pointed her palm forward and a massive beam ripped straight ahead. The movement of her hand was just enough warning for Graham to get out of the way, and still he was bombarded by exploding rock shrapnel from the rock just under the beam. He could smell the air its self ionizing and combusting under the tremendous amount of heat that passed through it. Graham was stumbling trying to keep his balance from the onslaught before being bombarded, or more like speared by several small thin beams that rained down on top of him.

Eliza again extended a palm, but took slightly longer to fire off another beam as Graham regained his balance, noticed the same movement and got out of the way, just in time. The beam passed over the ocean, not only converting water to steam, but producing so much energy as to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from one another and cause them to recombine making it appear as if the ocean its self briefly caught fire.

Graham was trying to think of an escape. Again he tried to run rather than attack. Even under what was likely the worst beating he'd taken in his life, he couldn't bring himself to attack. Why was that? Something about this woman who was once so close to his mentor made it seem impossible in his mind to strike her. If he could only find an opportunity. If he could get back to a public area she probably wouldn't fight in open view. It seemed like the small attacks came from nowhere, and again proven as he was hit from the front in spite of being turned away from Eliza by another small beam. The big ones though she telegraphed with hand movements, Graham noticed a little too late as she pointed a finger downward, and he realized the rocks below his feet were turning red, and then exploded below him, taking him off his feet.

"Miss Eliza stop this! I can't fight you," Graham screamed at her, his hands trembling.

"Do you think this is easy for me? I won't let you escape. I won't let you go unless you can prove yourself, and to do that you're going to have to hit me" She declared bringing down a rain of several more microwave beams on Graham before he could even stand.

Eliza shuddered as Graham screamed in agony.

"I know how much it must have hurt. Adam meant a lot to both of us. And for what it's worth I'm sorry. I'm sorry for lying to both of you. But you can't shut the hurt out anymore. You can't just stay numb. You're just like him..." Eliza said as tears poured down her cheeks.

Graham took the opportunity to stand up and regain his footing while Eliza talked, but another beam passed through his right leg causing him to fall to one knee.

"You're so wilful. And in spite of that hard shell you've made for yourself, I know you're truly a passionate and caring person. I know right now your heart is on fire. SO LET THAT FIRE OUT," Eliza said as she again heated the ground below Graham enough to launch him into the air, then blasted him repeatedly with thin microwave beams before he could even hit the ground.

Graham wasn't given even a chance to move. Eliza hit him again, and again, burning him with more beams than he could count, one after the other. The pain seared into Graham's mind with every burn. Being burned was so foreign to him, and she was spacing the hits apart just enough for him to feel every one of them without going numb to it.

Graham struggled to move. He hadn't given up in spite of the pain coursing through him. He knew he should feel betrayed. He knew he should feel hurt. He knew he should feel angry, yet...that wasn't what he felt. He felt something. He didn't know what it was. Something foreign. This strange feeling welled up in his heart and steeled his determination.

As his arms screamed at the contraction of his fried muscles he rolled himself over. As his legs cried out for him to stop pushing himself, he rose to his knees. As his body ached and demanded he lay back down, he defied the pain and stood up. What was this feeling?

Eliza began firing off beams now. Small ones piercing through Graham, large ones pounding the ground around him, showering him with bruising and battering rocks.

Graham had only ever know this emotion as its recipient. At first he'd thought it was pity, and he'd long resented it, yet each time in turn he'd learned it was something more. From his sister, from Jennifer, from Mr. Darke, even from Geist, and he realized now that this was Eliza's way of showing it.

Graham clenched his fists. He exhaled steam as the fire welled up in him. Though the pain he felt should be absolutely mind bending, he felt alive. Before he'd only felt so alive when his fist was colliding with someone's face, but now it was so different. The reddish tinge of his hair became much more obvious before his entire body seemed to catch fire for a brief moment, and then the flame gathered in his right hand. It went from orange to red, and then burned bright blue outshining the full moon above and lighting the area around.

This feeling was...

"Graham....I'm sorry for lying to you," Eliza said as she put both palms together and fired off a beam as thick as she was tall.

Graham extended his own hand before the beam engulfed him. When it passed he was still standing. Graham's fireball was still there, but had actually grown larger, and was now glowing pure white. This feeling was...

Graham clasped his left hand over his right wrist and the fireball erupted into a solid beam of dense blue flame that poured forward splitting the night with a noise like thunder, and split the sea down to the floor for an instant before water came rushing in to fill the void. A concave line of glass left a mark where his fire had passed.

((BGM: Toby Fox: His Theme ))

Eliza stood in disbelief, entirely unscathed in spite of the straight line of liquid rock immediately next to her.

This feeling was compassion.

Eliza stood trembling as the battlefield cooled around her. Graham looked down at his right hand. The burn was gone now. He felt something hot on his face though. Tears streamed down his cheeks. He staggered toward Eliza, but fell to his knees now exhausted.

Eliza ran forward and caught him. "You...I told you to hit me," She said embracing Graham.

"I told you wouldn't fight you. I figured out what you meant about lying..." Graham said.

He pulled away for a moment.

"My parents are both blond. So's my sister. I always figured I was adopted. If I my guess is right...I already lost my real Dad before I ever realized it. You think....I could ever hit my Mum,"

Eliza smiled through her tears.

"Graham...I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I gave you up. I thought...I thought you deserved to better than me. I just...I should have told you the moment I saw you," she said.

"Hey don't cry. I mean it's not all bad. I mean I got a great little sister out of it, and a cool best friend," Graham replied trying to comfort her.

Eliza gave a chuckle and pulled Graham in hugging him.

"My boy. Look how you've grown. You were so tiny the last time I held you. Now you've become so strong. I'm proud of you, and I know your father, wherever he is, is too."

Character Name: Graham Drake "The Preacher in Black"

Character Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian "The Younger Hadrian"

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