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PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:14 am 
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Official RPs are a system where a player can through normal role play get rewards as if that character had been on a quest, without actually having to take a mission from the guild. These tend to involve things like level ups for one of their classes, money, items, or in some cases to reach a certain major plot point. Basically Official RPs are quests without the QM.

It's a good way to power your character up while also developing your story. One lone player can do it or groups can be involved.

So how do you get in on this? Post your application for an official RP in this forum.

Characters: Which characters are going including your own, any other players, and NPCs. This doesn't have to include characters added along the way just who's involved in the outset and of course seeking rewards.

Overview: Where are you planning to go, and do? You don't need to summarize the whole thing, just tell us your basic plan at the outset. Everyone's writing changes a little or even drastically once they set to it. Just a brief spiel just like the quest signups have listed.

Goals: Essentially this is the pay out you're after. Is it a certain amount of money? A rare item? A level up? For instance if you're playing a warlock and want a particular rune, list that rune here. Remember the more goals list the more challenges you'll have to face.

That's all you need to fill out. Once you've submitted your application the staff will review it and reply with the following.

Challenges: These are the challenges you must face. They tend to involve enemy encounters, trials, journeys, mysteries, and various things you would face on a quest. Now obviously since you're doing your own writing here, you're probably going to succeed, but you DO have to make these convincing and stay in character. No godmoding your way past them. That's why these challenges are laid out by the staff and you'll have to cover them during your RP.

Word Count: The final say on it is you're going to have to do X amount of writing to get through. This is just to make sure the player does enough work to earn their rewards. If you're writing something compelling the length should come pretty easily. To keep track of your word count you can use the following site.

Out of character text such as that included ((here)) are not included in your word count. For multiple characters your word counts are added together to meet the goal (of course a higher word count will be placed for larger groups).

Pretty simple really. Meet the requirements get rewards. More work but less risk, and a great way to help you develop an interesting and dynamic character.

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