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 Post subject: Kyrad Isensmith
PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:47 am 
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Name: Kyrad Isensmith
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Species: Human
Character Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Catholic

Height: 5'3
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White, short cropped
Build: Athletic

Class 1: Warlock
Class 2: Craftsman
Sub-class: Seaman

Split Mind - Kyrad's mind is constantly churning with thoughts and ideas. Not only does he come up with creative and innovative ideas on a regular basis, but he is skilled at multitasking as well.
Enhanced Summoning - A demon attempted to perform a ritual that would sap Kyrad of his magic. The ritual was disrupted, reversing the process and sending extra energy into Kyrad's body. While he has seen no increase in power, he is now able to maintain more of his summons at once. Up to three tier 1 summons or a single tier 1 and tier 2 may be present at once.

Distracted - Kyrad's mind is used to focusing on several topics at once. When faced with only a singular task, his attention begins to wander.
Purposeless - The challenges of being a sailor, husband, and father are not quite as daunting as battling the forces of darkness. Though he loves his family dearly, he has never found the peace and contentment that others have discovered in the absence of world-ending terrors. When the prospect of a fight reveals itself, Kyrad will find himself sorely tempted.
Limited Summoning - Warlocks have the ability to summon their sigils as well as creatures they have bound to their will. At first, Kyrad was unable to find a creature worth binding. After a failed ritual, he found that a creature's soul would invariably shatter during binding rituals, leaving him access to only the creatures who had directly formed a pact with him as viable summons.

Kyrad joined the Guild during a world-ending crisis. Through determination, hard work, and a lot of luck, he managed to be a major player in the Battle of Veros and helped to save the world.
Following the battle, Kyrad put his craftsman skills to work redesigning and rebuilding the town. When his former mentor went missing, he mounted a rescue mission to save her. The mission turned out to be a trap designed to steal his power, but Kyrad (with help) managed to foil the ritual. This eliminated his dark aura and nightmares, but left him with a separate set of issues.
Shortly after, Kyrad married fellow guild member Ramona. The two of them purchased a ship to travel the world, and continued to do so even after their children were born.
As the 1870's begin, Kyrad spends time on the ship with his family and the crew, still travelling and trading. On occasion, he takes time to forge magic items for the adventurer's shop he co-owns in Budapest. He owns a small plot of land on the edge of the Drake farm, which he built a house on when he comes to visit.

Name: Kyrad Darkspawn
Status: Attacking Castle Dracula (yeah, I know, right?)

Name: Grace Meredith
Status: Defending Veros

Naem: Enzo Greyson
Status: Inside Castle Dracula

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