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PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:24 pm 
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Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian (A.K.A. Dr. August)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Lycanthrope (Wererabbit)
Character Alignment: Hero
Religion: Christian (influenced by Native American shamanism)

Hight: 5,10
Eyes: Red
Hair: Sandy Blond
Build: Lean

Class 1: Tamer
Class 2: Swordsman
Sub-class 3: Alchemist

Description: 5'10", red eyes, sandy blond hair. A lean individual typically dressed in loosely stitched peasant's clothes that don't fit his upper class education. He typically doesn't wear shoes, and carries a kindly demeanor. He's most often seen carrying a walking stick, a bag slung over his shoulder, and something long wrapped up on his back that he never opens.


The savage beast (major): Pious when transformed into his wererabbit state is entirely out of control. The wererabbit will savagely attack anything it views as a threat, acting on instinct alone. Pious can not transform back into human form until the next sunrise or until he's rendered unconscious. Pious is always in the full moon berserk stage when transformed. Pious' transformation is no longer triggered by the sight of the moon, but rather is his natural state, which requires tremendous self control to prevent.

The path of Peace (moderate): Pious has taken a vow of pacifism, and while he at times stretches the definition, he seeks to avoid harming another human being. To this end, he no longer even keeps his weapon at the ready, and opts to carry a walking stick instead.

The Lonely Man (minor): Pious always feels compelled to move from place to place, never settling down. In truth he must avoid anyone earning of what he really is. He can never truly call one place home.


Control (major): By all means Pious should have long since passed the point where he can no longer change back, but through intense meditation, he's managed to hold on to his humanity. Pious can prevent himself from transforming, day or night, through concentration. It's become subconscious for him at this point, but it's always like flexing a muscle for him. If he loses control, no matter what the situation, he will transform and be unable to change back until either the next sunrise, or until he loses consciousness.

The healer (moderate): Pious has taken his knowledge of plants to the extreme, and become an herbalist, and healer. To this end, he keeps a variety of beneficial herbs on hand to treat various injuries and illnesses, and has greatly improved his medical knowledge being a doctor or a veterinarian as need be.

The name of the doctor (minor): No one remembers the name Pious, but many know of the wandering healer Doctor August. He's treated diseases, helped the injured recover, and stopped a few herds from being wiped out by disease possibly averting a famine. Many have spoken the name of Doctor August, and welcome him warmly when he arrives.

As a child Pious would be cursed to become a raging wererabbit at moonrise. As a boy he tamed his curse and made it his strength, fighting against the forces of darkness to become a hero. That was a decade ago. While many of the heroes of that day have settled into quiet lives, Pious has never truly settled down. He disappeared shortly after the final battle and began wandering, seeking a means to control the raging beast inside him.

For a time he hid himself away in a monastery, concealing himself from the world. Taking a vow of pacifism, he began learning the discipline to control himself, and the beast inside. He also spent this time studying with a certain brother Mendel on botony, and the nature of life. There he also learned the basics of chemistry, and learned to become a healer. Eventually he decided to rejoin the world, and took his leave. His journey had lead him far and wide, exploring Europe, going from town to town through the mostly forgotten backwater villages that the modern world has forgotten. No longer going by the name Pious, he began calling himself "August," and quickly the townspeople added "Doctor" to it. He spent many years helping others with his knowledge, and became known as the wandering healer or the barefoot doctor.

No longer one who takes lives, he'd become one who saves them. But still he lives a lonely life, for the wars that spread throughout Europe brings conflict, and with conflict comes violence. It is that violence that summons forth the savage beast inside of Pious turning his rage outward again. For this reason, he can never settle down, and must always keep moving. Some day soon his wanderings may lead him to confront something darker.

Character Name: Graham Drake "The Preacher in Black"

Character Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian "The Younger Hadrian"

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