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 Post subject: Habrig Chronicles: Fight the past, Face the Future
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The dirt roads of Habrig were ridiculously dusty. Foxx had forgotten this, and was constantly surprised about the dust coating his shoes and the bottom of his pants. Sunrise was still a ways away, Foxx realized as he snuck toward his brother’s home. The clink of the Swordbreaker in its too large sheath seemed like a siren in the streets of Habrig. The town was mostly safe at bed, unaware that their shamed swordsman was once again daring to show his face in their midst. He could smell the remnants of the bonfire from the traditional town festival in the air and on the other side of town he could hear the remaining drinkers and ruffians.

As he turned the corner to his brother’s street he was met with a chilling sight. The tall home, once so proud and majestic with grand oaken doors, was gone. The gate was rusted and falling apart and surrounded nothing more than an empty lot full of charred ruin. A hooded form stood against the gate, calmly. His form was mostly hidden by the darkness of the night sky, with no moon in sight.

Foxx moved toward him in slow motions, trying to gauge exactly what might be there. There was always the possibility that the man who had burnt caused this fire might still be standing there at the scene of the crime. Foxx rested one hand on his scimitar and drew closer.

“Speak your name, hooded one,” he challenged. No one in their right mind or who was devoid of guilt stood at the site of a fire.

“I knew you’d come here,” the form replied quietly. “I’ve been following you for months now… and I knew you’d come back eventually. It was very lucky that you chose to come tonight of all nights.” There was a shift in the stance. “I’m being hunted.”

Foxx tilted his head quizzically. “Who are you?”

A pale hand thrust from inside of the robes, baring a familiar shortsword. There was silence in which he at first took this as a challenge of battle, but then he saw it for what it really was, a form of identification. When it registered, he gripped the pommel of his scimitar tightly.

“You,” Foxx uttered. “The Beast of Habrig.”

“You know what I am, master. You know what I tried to stop from happening, and you know that our current situations are your fault. Well, mostly.” Zailline L’eorn, Foxx’s finest student turned and threw back his hood. His face was unmasked for once and bore the marks left by their last meeting. “I am being hunted.”

“By who?” Foxx asked. “And why should I care? How many children did you slaughter using this curse? How many innocents?”

Do you think I want to? ” the hooded assassin asked, stepping forward with his hands now baring both short swords. “Do you think it gives me pleasure?”

“You’re gripping those blades pretty hard to not be intending to use them,” Foxx replied. “And you didn’t answer me. Who is hunting you?”

“Jucan Meys, though he calls himself Sinstorm now. I’ve sighted Jucan stalking Valcior Meys as well. Your brothers’ students have come to Veros to kill me, master.” The blades twirled expertly in his hands.

“What happened to Morteson?” Foxx asked, gesturing to the ruins.

“I have been in Veros, even I do not know that.”

“You expect me to believe you had no hand in this?” Foxx took a step forward.

“Believe what you will, coward.” Foxx Revtor drew his scimitar against his student.

“You have killed child after child and hidden away for years, and you have the audacity to call me coward?” Anger welled up inside of him, born from standing over body after body, grave after grave, from long nights with his brothers mapping out attacks, searching areas, looking for any sign of the killer. Now he had the killer in his reach.

“Hide, huh? I suppose you left Habrig without telling anyone because you just felt like it then. You weren’t ashamed to admit you were bested by a ch—”

“A monster,” Foxx replied, before sprinting forward, scimitar in hand. It was met with a quick parry and he had to dance aside from a blow. “A monster who is wielding my own weapons, my own teachings against me. No doubt against infants now.” Zail let out a high-pitched scream of frustration and lunged. Foxx met the lunge with the butt of his scimitar to the forehead. “And that would have been your life, Zailline. Tell me why I should spare it next time you give me the opening, o’ Beast of Habrig.”

“I am only what I was made,” Zailline replied, nicking Foxx in the shoulder with a blade. “I am not a free Lycanthrope. He wishes for me to kill the young, to kill children. When I transform, it is what I must do.”

“If that is true, why could you not come to me before? Long before any of this happened. Why? Because you’re lying, you monster.” Foxx replied, thrusting and drawing a long scratch down Zailline’s right arm. Zailline stepped back as if to admit defeat and before Foxx knew it a blade was flying through the air and resting in his stomach.

A scream raised from nearby. Foxx decided it was nearly time to go, but not before he explained what was happening. He continued on the fight, trying time and time again to land solid strikes on his opponent. As a crowd gathered, he gave a cry.

“I am Foxx Revtor, and I will slay the Beast of Habrig, and return this town to what it once was.”

The crowd began to mutter, when finally someone cried out, “He plans to kill Jucan the Terrible!”

The pair of fighters froze mid pace. Foxx turned on his heel to ask what that meant, but out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement. A blast of smoke roared up from behind his suddenly smirking opponent. The crowd scattered nearby and Foxx rushed into the cloud, scimitar drawing. He felt it find purchase briefly, but by the time the smoke cleared there was nothing. Pain radiating from his wounds, Foxx turned.

“Tell me about this Jucan the Terrible,” he demanded of nearest villager he could reach. When the tale was told, Foxx began to see what terrible consequences his fleeing had had on his village. Foxx began to see that Jucan, a boy temporarily in his charge, had lost everything for Foxx. Perhaps Zailline was wrong, Foxx thought. Perhaps Jucan has come to slay me instead.

A hand on Foxx’s shoulder brought him to reality. He turned and was faced with one of his two brothers, garbed in the clothing of a slayer protected and supplied for by the local church.

“Foxx? You’re alive?”

“I’m alive, and you need to call a town meeting. Immediately.”

It was time to set the record straight, and then it was back to Veros.

Character Name: Foxx Revtor
Reputation:Good for Nothing, Kamikaze, Hired Meat,
Species: Human
Classes: Swordsman, Craftsman, Brute
Weapons: A broadsword kept in a sheath at his back (think, Cloud Strife), a smaller scimitar at his waist and a thin dagger at waist. Sword Breaker.
Special Moves/Skill Record:
Retribution Level 1: Foxx works to back his opponent up against a wall, and then slams his scimitar through their shoulder or arm. He promptly forces the blade through the body, toward the neck.
Retribution Level 2: Foxx uses leg and body strength to toss an opponent off of the ground, and high into the side of a building or a tree. A rapidly thrown scimitar pins the opponent by the Solar Plexus to the tree, wall, etc, and Foxx follows it up by leaping from the ground, his broadsword in front of him, to finish the attack with a full force attack with said broadsword.

Money: 15g
Pack: One tent, 3 silver stakes,
House: Two sacks of vegetables, Two loaves of bread, Two Blocks of cheese, One Kitchen Knife, Two pounds of salt, One Kettle, One tin pot
Attire: Brown sewn up shirt, black pants, Steel Toe Boots, leather gloves, fur belt (Arcane Fur Belt)
Quests completed: 2
Unlocked Abilities:
Recipes: Stew, Tea
Item Creation: Metal Working, simple machines

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