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 Post subject: Pantheras Xylander
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:54 pm 
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Name: Pantheras Xylander
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Species: Lycanthrope (Were-Chimera)
Character Alignment: Dark
Religion: Was a believer in the Greek Goddess of the hunt, but now not so much.

Jobs: Scarred Hunter
Class 1: Marksman(Gunner)
Class 2: Warlock
Sub-Class: Occultist

Weapon of Choice:
Vice No. 6-Wrath: One of a series of weapons created by an old crazy craftsman for those hunters who proved themselves against the most serious game of region. Essentially the weapon is a combination of a Repeating lever-action Rifle (8 shots) combined with a falcata running the length of the barrel from the bottom. Basically the falcata has a one edged blade that pitches forward towards the point, the edge being concave on the lower part of the sword, but convex on top. This shape distributes the weight in such a way that the falcata is capable of delivering a blow with the momentum of an axe, while maintaining the cutting edge of a sword. The rifle and sword are fused into one seamlessly with the handle for the rifle has been slightly extended to make it easier to swing the sword part of the weapon, but doesn’t lower the accuracy of the gun at all. Design wise there is a horned beast engraved on the stock of the gun. It also sports a handy dandy strap.
6 shot 1860 Colt Revolver
Toothed Kris- A modified Kris whose blade is 7 inches long, but along the one side there are small hook-like teeth that can cause some serious damage to things when needed. Also its curvy and everyone loves curves.
Starting Runes: Effect: Endoroch Target: Merro
Starting Sigil: Ka’Lunte
Appearance: Pantheras Xylander is a very well-toned man of the height of 6 feet 1 inch. Yes, Pantheras is very athletic in terms of him being out every day during the hunt. Skin wise he’s covered in tattoos. Various tribal and tribal animal tattoos all over his body. Up his arms are sort of tribal claws representing the bear while the back of his neck sports a pair of fangs representing the snake. On his ankles are two tribal cats on each side of each ankle. Finally the wolf is represented by a tribal wolf howling at the moon on his back while a tribal goat is on his chest. That and a whole lot of other tattoos across the stretch of his body (and one or two on his face) one might think his skin is gross and disgusting while in fact it is quite smooth and soft.
Coming up to his eyes Pantheras originally had light green eyes, but after his manipulation the curses inside him the color of his eyes changed to a deep violet-grey that seem to ripple from time to time for the because of the magic fluctuating in his body. His hair stayed the same for the most part: slicked back that reaches just up to the point where the neck meets the back. Color wise it is primarily brown with some darker patches towards the tips almost red in nature.
Were-Chimera Appearance: Amazingly lethal are not enough to describe this. Originally it was a simple were goat with long horns. Afterwards though it was anyone’s guess at what the new monstrosity was going to be. Its appearance now is that from mythology, the head is that a vicious wolf whose fangs are abnormally larger than normal were-wolves. In the fangs themselves is a poison found in a cobra and while the tail is furry in nature it is able to create whip-like attacks as well as constrict when needed. Meanwhile the arms of the form are considerably bigger as is the upper body, paying attention to the claws in particular as they are very sharp and grip a normal humans head in one hand quite easily. The legs are a little more toned then normal as in the nature of a cheetah’s impressive speed. With all this though the horns of goat are still there on the wolf’s head though more jagged and ferocious in nature and when it comes to the fur itself? The fur itself is golden in color and those who dared touch it would see it as softer then clouds while the mane it mysteriously gained despite not having any lion curse in him is a sort of white gold color. Obviously the beast gets bigger when the moon is full. Magnificently Dangerous and at the same time Magnificently Beautiful.
Personality: Pantheras is full of wrath. A blind anger towards all of the hunting gods and their servants though that could also count as very focused. Towards people he seems very…insane. Crazy-eyed looks are not foreign to Pantheras, in fact, they are almost come second nature to him especially when talking to “friends” or when killing. The once prideful hunter can still hold conversations with people, though they’d probably stray a little bit afterwards as he would have a sort of talking out loudly moment to himself. His most remembered line when he does have one of these moments would be “Alright you won’t die today!”
There is one thing though, one thing that Pantheras himself while sane and now insane never knew about himself. He has an incredible sense of charisma, a charisma that seems to be able to bring out the most strongest feeling in a person, creature, apparition or otherwise be it the best or the worst and while he could’ve been a great leader while he was still sane, but it is unknown now in his state of mind if that would be possible. Only time will tell. Though in his potential followers defense, it’d be wise to duck and cover from time to time.
Thousand Animals (flaw): Pantheras cursed himself. He cursed himself good. Initially, it was just turning into a were-goat and the hunters are automatically attracted to him, but the gods at least let him keep his sense and sanity. Now though? After tampering with things he shouldn’t have? After cursing himself with more animals and creating something even worse than lycanthropy? Yes, the along with the ones before he also regresses into a feral state such as the wild lycan, but goes even further then that attacking everyone and everything who he sees as a threat. Hunters have a higher priority on the threat list then everything else. Probably the worst possible thing he did to himself is that no one is capable of removing the curse he has placed upon himself for the magic is so convoluted that it would take years upon years of constant concentration to even unravel half of what he has done to himself. After reverting back to human form, Pantheras is not able to use magic for a whole day because of all the curses acting together at once causing a magical drain to happen while he can still see runes and sigils and magic in general everything in his body that is magic even the curses seem to stop working all together. Everything that he made enchanted as well, but not items that are in his possession not enchanted by him. It is mostly a recovery then anything, but it would be a major hindrance on a mission that’s very long.
One Gun Shooting Kind of Guy: While Pantheras would say he despises hunters who use two guns to kill a single game is a loss of pride for the hunter. The truth is though that he would never fire two guns at the same time. Ever. He would carry the two guns in his hands, but would never be caught dead firing both at the same time. It’s a pride thing. If you can’t kill them with one gun at a time and tactics then you’re not supposed to be a hunter to begin with.
Lacking a bit of Sanity: The first cursing from the hunting gods was enough to drive the poor hunter insane. Who wouldn’t be when you got turned into a goat and then every hunter seems to be attracted to you to kill you. His only mission in life right now is to destroy the reputations of those said gods. To exact his revenge and to focus on his hunt. Wrath is what drives him, so sanity has left the building.
Thousand Animals (benefit): The multi-cursing of himself was not just insanity gone wrong. There was a slight method to his madness. Taking parts from a cheetah, a wolf, a bear, a snake and finally the goat. The speed of a cheetah, the strength of a bear, the poison fangs and heat senses of a snake, the horns of a goat as well as the goat’s balance(which is pretty damn good) and being able to see an eventual weakness in an enemy , and the hunting powers of a wolf(scent and hearing ). All of those animals combined into one, but another side effect of this power Is that Pantheras can be stronger than the average lycanthrope by a lot. Finally he can change at any moment in time for 2 whole minutes before reverting back to normal.
Wrathful Melee: Pantheras is pretty decent in the field of close range combat. He needed to be when he felt a little crazy and decided to attack his game in melee. It was through trial and error that he became pretty decent in department of melee. Game wise he’d be in between 2nd Class Swordsman and Sub-Class Swordsman.
Better Aim to Kill You With: A bit of a side effect from losing his sanity his focus on revenge lead him to this pleasant side effect. That would be the side effect of an improved aim over normal 1st Class Marksman. Got to love those crazy snipers! He’s so good with his aim he can shoot a fly a good distance away from the hip. In one try.

When hunting goes wrong there is always a hunter who is the loser. That hunter always had a savior usually some people who felt sorry for the poor fellow, but sometimes it is there soon to be wife. This was how Pantheras came into existence. In a one night stand turned into something more our prideful hunter was born into a world of darkness and illusion. The lust between his parents didn’t last long as both parents went their separate ways 3 months after his birth leaving him in a temple of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt, who would hopefully protect their son knowing full well that the worshippers of the Pantheon have quickly declined into almost nonexistence. Taking pity on the poor child the remaining temple priests took him into their community of worshippers who in turn were part of a wider society of hunters.

They took care of him and taught him the witchcraft of using the endorok enchantment to enhance their abilities and in return as soon as he was old enough to hold a weapon they put him to the hunt in order to support the community with the meats and furs that he brings back. The years mostly went like this until his eighteenth birthday where he left the community for this own needs. He was tired of their secluded life and decided to create his own legend just like the legends of Heracles and Achilles. A legend of a better hunter then even the hunting gods themselves.

He first started small staying local in the Greek Isles before finally expanding towards the middle east and back across Europe into Africa while furthering his conquest for immortality among the people.
His pride was his greatest weapon, his gun was the work of a craftsman he received as a prize, but these two together are what cause his descent into insanity. The gods of hunting as a whole saw Pantheras as the bane towards the end of their worshippers. A mere human who had the undeniable ability to take out his target with such skill and precision? One who the people had seen as a savior, but in reality only did it for his selfish needs? The gods finally decided on what to do with the deifier, curse him into a goat who would be hunted till the day he finally dies.

It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t spectacular. No, It was as quick as it was brutal, a painful agony of changing and then the hunt for him from the nearby hunters and the underlings of the hunting gods, all good at what they do. Hunt. Beaten and bloodied Pantheras managed to escape and finally revert back into human form. At this point he was 35 in which his descent out of sanity and into the wrath higher then even a god could muster caused him to see the light of what he needed to do. Curse himself, create a monster that was unstoppable by all hunters and took it upon himself to slaughter them. Slaughter them all and ruin the reputation of the gods causing their followers to give up on their idols and leave them alone without a sacrifice, a pittance or even a ceremony to their name. And thus his travels led him to Veros. The town of lore where all gods appear to be attracted to and where there are gods there are their subordinates.

Character Name: Ricky Mochi
Species: Human
Classes: Pirate, Swordsman, Mercenary
Items: 30 normal Bullets, Alternate Outfit, Quick Combo Pamphlet, Amber-Set Insect Pendant, Smoked Turkey Drumstick, Fruit Cake
Weapon: Harpoon(Inlayed with Silver), Short sword, Custom 9 shot revolver, Rat Flail, Billhook, Serpent Fang(Hell Knight Pole arm)
Equipment: Full Copper Plate Bracers x 2, Leather Armor, Full Hell Knight Armor(Not attached or worn together)
Money:176 gold
Alignment: Neutral
Special Moves
Piercing Snake Reel, Sniping Impaler Snake, Vicious Snake Bite, Two more Specials
Quests completed: Droll Patrol, Hell's Armory
Reputation:Front Line Fighter, Likes The Thick of It, Brings The Smite, Guardian of Engaia
Character Name: Reggie Falkenrath
Species: Human
Classes: Mentalist, Seer, Marksman
Items: Tobacco Tinx2, Cigarette paperx2, Modern Matchesx2, Notebook, Bandages, 5x Empty Bottles, Smoked Turkey Drumstick, Fruit Cake, Can Opener, Canned food, Torch, Travelers Food(1), Very Fine French Wine, 20x Normal Bullet, 20 Musket Balls with a horn of gunpowder
Weapon: 6 shot Revolver, Tri-Spike Dagger, 20x Throwing Knives, Unnamed Long Rifle
Equipment: Tabbard
Money: 57 gold 7 Silvers 5 Copper
Alignment: Hero
Quests completed: Skullduggery, Kill Team
Reputation: Investigator, Employer, Negotiator , Undead Hunter

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:06 am 
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no chimeras sorry. Keep the werebeasts based on natural animals.

Character Name: Graham Drake "The Preacher in Black"

Character Name: Pious Augustine Hadrian "The Younger Hadrian"

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