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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:06 am 
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Name: Graham Drake (assumed name) Faust Gram (birth name)
Alias: "The Preacher in Black"
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Human (Dark Lord Candidate)
Character Alignment: Good
Religion: Catholic (Excomunicated)
Class 1: Warlock
Class 2: Occultist
Sub-Class 3: Mercenary
Weapon of Choice:
"Thou art With me" Breech Loading Rifle: An early design that accepts paper cartridges and percussion caps. Fires a .50 caliber lead minie ball. Customized with silver stake bayonet, silver inlaid cross motif, and an iron band and spike around the stock for smashing. The gun's name is engraved along the barrel.

Staff Mace: a 5lb mace head atop a 5 foot staff. The opposite end features a steel spike. Silver inlay along the oak staff reads "Fear no evil"

Black and White Daggers: White: An antique dagger with a hollow handle. There is now a branch from a holy tree inside. Black: A sacrificial dagger dripping with dark energy.

Spell Rings: Drake wears four spell rings on each hand. The right hand has four rings with a Salamand, Destrok, Morpho spell engraved
on them. The left has four rings with the same spells with Azrael alignment.

Hight: 5'10
Build: Average
Eyes: Azure Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

Skintone: Light

Reputations: "Been to Hell and Back" "Dragon Warrior" "Slayer of Lorenzo", "Risk-Taker", "Betrothed", "Great Destroyer" "Man With a Plan" "Has a Past" "Guardian of Engaia" "Too curious" "Faustian" "Travels in Strange Circles" "Friend of Romanskis" "Rat in a Maze" "Blackmailed" "Sleeping on the Job" "Dog Lover" "Polar Bear Swimmer"

Money: 220G 3S 8C

Holy Weapons: KnifeX5, AxX2, Holy Water (full), Cross, Wooden Stake and Mallet, Garlic Laurel, Silver Stakes X3, Holy Vial (special) X1

Ammo: 100 paper cartridges (rifle).

20 page notebook.

Pack: pouch of silver dust, canteen(full), Autopsy tools, rope(6ft), Tin mess kit, Tea Leaves(5), Telescope, 1lb of Salt, local newspaper, 3 days traveling food.

Personal: Cross necklace, Cross Shaped Cufflinks, Reading glasses, Pencil, sheets of paper

Inn: Lorenzo's Journal, Forbidden Tome, Various books, Sketchpad, pens and pencils. Witch's Tome, souvenirs from various countries

Armor: Chain Mail Suit, Half Plate Steel Bracer-Gauntlets (Azrael, Devk'ahn, Merro carved into each), Tabbard, Leather shoulder armor

Current Attire: Priest's vestments with a red crusader's cross sewn into the front
Jennifer's Cloak: A silver cloak imbued with neutral defensive magic. Particularly warm.
Black Boots, Black fedora hat, small black hair ribbon, White cotton gloves

Reserve Attire: "Black Cloak" (inscribed with 3 Ka,Lunte, Destrok, Morpho spells), Set of Work Clothes, "White Cloak" (imbued with white aligned defensive magic), set of formal clothes, chain mail vest

Missions completed: 9

Runes: Envigur, Destrok, Morpho, Devk'Ahn, Sentak, Endorok, Merro, Nixer, Unviru
Sigils: Ka'Lunte, Ith, Willowisp, Dryadin, El-ahriril, Nariad, Salamand, Azrael, Lokar

Unlocked Abilities: Spell Matrix

Autopsies: Thraciel, Oni, Spider Lady, reaper minion

Recipies: Sandwich, Tea, Soup, fire roasted meat.

Monster Summons: Medusa Head, Bloody Skeleton (headless), Vampire Bat, Hellknight, Reaper Minion

Weakness for the innocent(Major): If there's one thing an enemy can exploit against someone so determined as Drake it's his sentimentality for children. If a child's life is in the balance Drake may risk the entire mission to save that one life. Because of this Drake does his best never to get close to others, lest someone find out how to exploit this weakness.

Sinister Reputation(minor): Drake is known everywhere he goes as "The Preacher in Black," which may not sound unusual since most preachers DO wear black, however it's spoken in such a way as to imply that Drake is an individual to be wary of. Some say he's in league with the devil, others say he's cursed, or a psychopathic pyromaniac. Most anyone who meets Drake fears him at first. This makes making friends for him difficult, and often can cause party members to mistrust him at the outset.


The Infernal Wizard(Moderate): Drake is especially talented with casting red aligned spells and manipulating the flame. Although this doesn't increase the spell's raw power it does give him a greater degree of versatility in modifying spells.

Powerful Trust (minor): The exact opposite of Drake's Sinister reputation. His powers may be frightening, his methods questionable, but those who've actually gotten close to Drake, who've fought alongside him, and gotten him to open his heart to them find he is actually a good and passionate person inside, whom deeply believes in his cause, and in his friends. Because of this, if someone can overcome the initial hurdles, they can trust Drake absolutely and that trust is returned.

Dark Power:
Drake's Dark Lord Candidate power is known as "The Power of the Planes." At last the truth has been made known. Drake is one of the Dark Lord Candidates. A human who's soul has bonded to a fragment of Dracula's power. As Drake's power grows, he descends further and further into madness, and yet it tempts him with even greater heights of power, drawing him deeper and deeper. As of now, Drake is still himself, yet his constant lust for greater power, leads him further and further into temptation. Should Drake receive enough dark magical energy, he'd eventually transform and be taken over by the new Dark Lord.

Drake is one of the many Dark Lord Candidates, individuals who's souls are bound to a fragment of Dracula's power. From an early age, this power has been more a curse, that has haunted and tormented him. Drake first became aware of the other planes, which make up the world, outside the material plane. Drake can fully see, all that makes up the invisible world. This includes from highest to lowest planes, the workings of divine entities, in the divine plane, the movement of magic in the magical plane, the movement of spirits, not only deceased, but also still within living beings in the spiritual plane, of course the material plane in which people exist, the physical-law-defying hyperspace of the immaterial plane, and the absolute chaotic horror of the great abyss at the bottom of reality.

Drake has devised uses for a number of these which include the following.
The color of your soul: Drake can often tell a person's intent by looking at their soul. It's not the same as mind reading, as he can't understand what someone is thinking, only if they have good or ill intentions.

The flow of magic: (partially locked) Although all magic users can see the flow of magic, Drake seems to be able to partially transcend into this plane, and access it directly. This gives him a capacity for instinctively casting without the use of a magic circle. However, so far this is a very rare occurrence, and only seems to happen in extreme situations. Drake has not figured out how to consciously use this ability yet. (QM's digressions)

Defying Distance: So far, this has proven Drake's most devastating power. Given enough time and effort, there is in theory, no limit to how large of a written, magical circle, that Drake can maintain. To do this Drake essentially extends his senses over the immaterial plane, where distance has no meaning, and thus can hold together spell matrices, several hundred feet, if not miles wide. Though, Drake is still a human, with a human mind. That means that doing this taxes him mentally, and can cause him to lose consciousness, and/or become exhausted, both mentally and physically. It takes a very real effort on Drake's part to use these enormous circles, and even more to set them up, so he doesn't use them often. They're very much, an everything or nothing tactic. Additionally, no matter how durable the materials used, Once Drake has used a giant circle it burns out entirely, and can not be re-used, and often leaves the area drained of magical energy.

I see......things: Drake's vision of the abyss is not only his curse but also his blessing. The dark, extra planar monsters from the deep abyss, often rely on appearing out of nowhere, when darkness falls, and claiming their victims before light returns. Drake however can see these creatures before they manifest on the physical plane, giving him ample warning, before they attack.

I see you: Invisibility spells and teleportation just plain won't work, if you plan to sneak up on Drake. Even if you're not visible on the material plane, you're showing up, plain as day in the others.

The Planeswalker: (totally locked) The full potential, of the power of the planes, could, some day make Drake the walker of the planes, transcending the layers of reality at will, and making the fabric of space and time his plaything. But to do so, would mean Drake has entirely lost himself to the Darkness. Should this ever happen, the Guild would have no choice but to destroy him.


Journal of Father Graham Drake -November, 18 1849-

Each day I feel the darkness growing about me. At this date I will begin my writings for I believe that the end of days may be upon us. Five years ago that damned castle arose from the rubble consuming all within it. A village was turned to ashes in a single night and demons walked upon the earth. Then in a matter of days it all went silent. Since then the village has rebuilt and the people have forgotten. I however will not, can not, must not let myself believe that this is anything but a rest for the evil one. The devil is only biding his time. Gathering his strength while the world goes on oblivious. Something must be done.

-November, 25 1849-

Orphans, called street urchins by some, they seem to be everywhere these days. Perhaps it is the will of the almighty that I extend my charity. One particular boy I found sleeping on the steps of this very cathedral hoping that some small amount of warmth might slip beneath the cracks of the doors. I have taken him in and offered him a home.

-December, 5 1849-

The boy I have taken in, is as would be expected, not well educated but that isn't to say he isn't a bright one. I find him to be both clever and honest, and he takes in lessons of reading and writing with the same almost gluttony as he did the first meal I offered him. I see potential in this lad, potential the world would have ignored otherwise.

-July, 4 1850-

God help me I have committed sin above all sin. I will confess here a secret I have kept hidden for years. I knew I must find a means to combat the darkness. Not only the dark lord Dracula but even blacker things. Demons from the darkest depths that steal our very souls, and elder gods long forgotten who raise the masses like livestock. Peace and prosperity is only a fattening up the old ones have given us until we are ripe for slaughter. The very day I learned of the dark one's awakening I snuck into my hidden archives and brought out a cursed thing. A book who's pages were never meant to be viewed by man.

I have taught myself the black arts, and doing so damned my very soul. Yet I gladly give this sacrifice if it gives humanity a fighting chance against the coming darkness. I was willing to make that sacrifice. While I am but a kindly preist to the outside world. HE knows the truth. The lord looks through me and sees the blackness I have harboured within my soul. And still I held no regrets until this day. Heaven forgive me for what I have done now.

The boy...I have passed the first lessons of the black arts on to the next generation. I have damned not only myself but he as well. I shall never be absolved of this...this atrocity. I have destroyed his future and my own to save that of the world.

-November, 1 1850-

I have taught him well. At this point he has mastered the circle. And the first spell he cast.....a bolt of destruction. I know now he has eagerly seized upon the idea of turning this power against evil. Does he not realize that the power its self is evil? Does he not see the damnation he invites? No I believe he does. Underneath that youthful eagerness he understands the trade he makes. His own soul for those of the world. I may have very well forged the powers of darkness into the ultimate weapon against it.

-November, 18 1850-

Everything has gone awry. They've found me. The secret inquisition. The inquisition that hunts the darkness. Wizards, and servants of the dark lord. They are the wall between humanity and the all consuming darkness. I deserve my fate. But for the future I can not let the boy fall under the same fate. I have sent him away. He is now strong and wise enough to fend for himself. May his power grow. May he gain the might of a god upon the earth and kill the very elder gods themselves. Only then will humanity be safe. And yet....when his power is so great. Will he use it to save humanity, or will he damn us all?

I have repented my sins. I must prepare my soul for the afterlife.

Report of Inquisitor Redgarm
-October, 30th 1855

A most unusual report from the northern area of the province of Wallachia.
A nameless town not far from the old capitol of Wallachia, reported
having their vampire problem delt with prior to our arrival. Although it
is not unusual for hunters to be hired for this purpose the names of
the hunters you will find quite surprising. Carrie Fernandez and Graham Drake. Did the father not meet his date with the gallows five years ago?
Requesting permission to pursue this case further.

Report of Inquisitor Redgarm
-December, 22 1896-
The town of Daborah has suffered a large scale fire, and is blaming the whole affair on a single man. A so called "Preacher
in Black." This town was known to have burned completely down fifty years ago as well, however that incident was
blamed on the actions of a certain witch burning cult. This more recent event also seems to have circled around a group of witch burners, who's ceremony was interrupted by this Preacher in Black. During the fire, both the Preacher, and the witch in question, a young girl of unknown parentage, disappeared.

Report of Inquisitor Redgarm
-November, 18 1859-

Father Graham Drake's legacy has not been erased from the world. We believe his knowledge has been passed on. I have seen him myself. The one called "The Preacher in Black" He wears the very collar father Drake left behind and has been heard to answer to the same name. I watched him unleash a bolt of death upon an animated corpse. At a look he recognized me, and looked me square in the eye. I still see those ice like blue eyes cutting through me, chilling my soul. And as he stood there he only said "I have no bitterness toward you or the church. I will assist you in completing the father's mission."

The Father Drake may have been right. This boy now a man may be our ultimate weapon, in the fight against the darkness. Even if the church must allow the sin of the black arts to persist it may be for the betterment of mankind.

Letter from head Inquisiter Luther
-no date given-

Cease all pursuit of "The Preacher in Black." Case suspended until further notice.

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