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 Post subject: Kyrad Darkspawn
PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 10:54 pm 

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Name: Kyrad Darkspawn

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Species: Human

Character Alignment: Neutral

Religion: Catholic

Class 1: Warlock
Class 2: Craftsman
Sub-class 3: Seaman

Weapon of choice: Craftsman’s Blades
Craftsman Blades (2) - These weapons appear to simply be a set of bronze arm bracers with a blade set on the outside running the length of the bracer. However, by depressing a concealed latch on the inside of the bracers, a three foot long steel blade can be deployed out of the front end of each of the ornamental blades. The blade is collapsible into two 1.5 foot long segments for storage. The force used to deploy the blades is powerful enough to be used for stabbing, but only if the opponent isn’t using armor. Since the weapon is attached to the arm, the hands remain free to cast spells or hold important items.
Dagger- A simple weapon with uses both in combat and out. The handle is rounded at the bottom and can be used for whacking, breaking, or grinding.

Sigil/Runes: Willowisp, Destrok, Morpho

Kyrad is about 5’3” tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has shockingly white hair and grey eyes. His skin has been darkened by an extended close proximity to a forge. He usually wears a hooded sleeveless cloak that hides his hair and shrouds his features, as they can be disconcerting. Under the cloak is a plain black long-sleeved shirt and plain black pants, both of which usually have a lot of patches.

Nightmares- The darkness that touched Kyrad left a permanent mark on his mind. While most of the evil was banished, some managed to ingrain itself and resist removal. The darkness occasionally manifests itself as nightmares, sickeningly terrible visions of death and destruction. While not a constant torment, when it manifests itself it makes getting a full nights sleep difficult. Frequently waking up with occasional vomiting does much to sap a person of their energy, but it’s nothing that a good breakfast and a cup of coffee can’t cure.
Dark aura- Due to his prolonged exposure to darkness while in the womb, Kyrad has a twinge of darkness to his aura that the priest could not banish. While this has no affect on his alignment, attitude, or spellcasting, it can spook some animals that can sense it, such as dogs or horses. The aura is also detectable to those with magical sight or extra-planar sense, making some suspicious of his true nature.

Extra Benefits:
Split mind- The demon that tried to take over his body unlocked an unused section of his brain. This was to be used by the demon as an anchor while it forced out the rest of Kyrad’s mind, but it was removed before it could take a hold. The original memory managed to make a small hold on the new area, thus allowing for concentration on multiple ideas at the same time. This means that getting distracted is extremely difficult, surprises are few and far between, and spells that normally require a lot of concentration are virtually continuous.
Sanity- Due to his tortured past and recurring nightmares, Kyrad’s mind is well adapted to darkness and evil. Thus, he can function well under straining conditions and keep his mind clear. He is much less susceptible to insanity and delusions of the mind.

There was once a little town south of London that rarely experienced anything out of the ordinary. The people were poor, but managed to survive. They often took in destitute outsiders who had no other means, as they were good people. But there was one particular stranger that they refused to accept.
A woman was discovered acting very strangely on the outskirts of town. At first, people thought it was desperation for her and her unborn child, but upon closer examination it appeared to be something else. She spoke with an unearthly voice, in a strange language that none could understand. The priest declared that she was possessed, and the townsfolk all shied away from her, hoping she would leave them alone.
But the blacksmith of the town felt sorry for her, and especially her child. He took her in and restrained her from her violent actions. He called the priest to try and help her, but she was almost beyond help. The priest concentrated his efforts instead upon saving the baby. The priest soon realized that the demon possessing the woman was forcing another demon into the baby.
But the baby was still far from possession. The priest managed to exorcise the demon within and deliver the baby, but in the process lost the mother. The baby was still affected deeply by the experience. It was sickly for a long time, and it took much time and energy on the priest’s part to make him healthy again. Though he now looked normal, there were marks that not even time could erase.
The blacksmith raised the by as his own. He named him Kyrad, but the villagers, remembering his mother, called him Darkspawn. Kyrad learned the ways of the forge from his adopted father, but that wasn't the extent of his education. A local witch had taken an interest in Kyrad, and began to teach him the ways of witchcraft.
With Kyrad's help, the blacksmith soon pulled out of debt and managed to save some money. He wanted to move his shop to a place with more business, and the priest had informed him that there was a war about to be waged in Romania, and that the soldiers there would need his expertise. The blacksmith traveled ahead to set up a shop while Kyrad, who was much older now, organized the transportation of their possessions. During these trips, he helped the sailors maintain their ship in exchange for a small discount.
After setting up shop, Kyrad’s father encouraged him to set out to increase his skills and help fight in the impending battle. Kyrad’s experience with darkness had left him with a less than pure attitude, but he saw this opportunity as a means to an end. He had developed a slight craving for power, and though he did want to help people, he agreed mostly for his own reasons.

Name: Kyrad Darkspawn
Species: Human
Classes: Warlock, Craftsman, Privateer
Weapons: Craftsman's Blades (x2)
Money: 200g
Items: Kettle, 1lb coffee, 1 loaf bread, 1 block cheese, 1 tin cup, 5 cheesecloths, 1 20 page notebook, 2 rolls of bandages, 1 bag candy
Recipies: Sandwich, Coffee
Quests Completed: 1
Sigils: Willowisp, Impus
Runes: Destrok, Nixer, Morpho
Skills Record: Basic Item Crafting, Hot Forging
Reputations: War Pig, Deals With the Devil, Cult Smasher

((Other Characters: Inisad Metnor, Tobias Draxar))

 Post subject: Re: Kyrad Darkspawn
PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:33 pm 
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((Posting reply since I don't use the 'Kyrad" named account))

Reputations: Fox Watches Him, Clever Bastard, Role Model, Cult Smasher, War Pig, Deals With the Devil

Weapons: Improved Craftsman's Blades (x2)
Money: 190g
Items: Kettle, 1lb coffee, 1 loaf bread, 1 block cheese, 1 tin cup, 5 cheesecloths, 1 20 page notebook, 2 rolls of bandages, 1 bag candy, Horror Scope
Recipies: Sandwich, Roasted Meat, Coffee

Runes: Destrok, Devk'ahn, Endorok, Nixer, Tier, Morpho, Merro, Unviru
Sigils: Tier 1
Willowisp - Spark
Impus - Mr. Stabby/Señor Stabos
Frejia - Cloud
Ka'lunte - Ash
El'Arihril - Silvia
Dryadin - Laurel

Tier 2

Kyrad owns both the Barrows and Faltine Manors.
Kyrad has discovered there is a man with his appearance (except with green eyes and black hair). The man not only used Kyrad's magic, when during so Kyrad blacked out and spoke the words the man was using.
Kyrad is working with his childhood friend, Grace, in a joint venture. Grace gathers commissions for magical weapons and items for Kyrad to craft.

Thread History:
Quest: Race Against Time - Kyrad smashes a cult
All Hallow's Greed - Halloween Themed Giveaway
Quest: The Forgotten Lord - Kyrad explores a haunted house
Inventing - Kyrad upgrades his arsenal
Quest: Search of the Faltine Manor - Kyrad searches another haunted house
Winter Solstice Celebration - Kyrad realizes the people in Veros are weird
Hail Mary - Kyrad reunites with an old "friend"
Can't Get Peace Anywhere - Kyrad gets hit on
ORP: Free the Children - Kyrad foils a kidnapping plot
ORP: Special Delivery - Kyrad delivers a magical weapon to three brothers
ORP: Ghost Ship - Kyrad gets pulled into a dream world
ORP: Time-out - Kyrad is punished for his actions on the Ghost Ship
Loose Ends - Kyrad clarifies the events of Time-out

Name: Kyrad Darkspawn
Status: Attacking Castle Dracula (yeah, I know, right?)

Name: Grace Meredith
Status: Defending Veros

Naem: Enzo Greyson
Status: Inside Castle Dracula

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