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 Post subject: Re: Coffee with an old Friend
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:47 am 

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"I wish I knew my old fire," he replied, reaching for Claire for a more direct embrace. Screw the public atmosphere, he needed a moment of connection. "I would march out of this door and hunt down Graham Drake like a hound on the scent and bathe with him in the blood of those who hurt that child." Releasing her, his crooked smile returned. "I do not think I could even hold my old weaponry anymore, of course but if the wrong souls set foot in this town, we shall find out." Exhaling, he added, "I believe the inn has guests for the night. Maybe a slightly livelier dinner than usual, unless the children find themselves asleep."

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Money: 10 G
Pack: 3 Silver Stakes, Hammer, 10 knives, 2 axes, 1 vial of holy water (1 pint), 1 cross, 1 oak steak, 1 Days Traveler's Food, 2 Loves of bread, 2 Full Canteens, 5 Empty Canteens, 4 Bags Fresh Vegetables, 1 Blocks of Cheese, Four foot heavy chain
House: Bronze bar
Attire: Chain Mail Vest under: Grey shirt embroidered around the V-neck with Faux gold crescent moons, grey pants held up by a belt similarly embroidered, worn out leather boots. Reed Anklet.
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Unlocked Abilities: Level Two Bible Crash, Level Two Stake Crash (Need Book D:!)

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 Post subject: Re: Coffee with an old Friend
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:50 am 
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Claire smiled softly. "You have your path to walk...Graham Drake has his. At times, roads connect with one another....but they are their own roads." Claire leaned up and pressed her lips to Valcior's softly.

"I'll cook what I can. Perhaps a smaller dinner so their bellies rest easily tonight."

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