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 Post subject: At Hunter Base (Repost of a Deleted Topic)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:13 am 
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Arianthe sat in the cafeteria room of the Hunter HQ. She was by herself examining data on a laptop-esque console. On the screen were images of Storm Eagle and the rest of her squadron, days before the Day of Sigma. She stared at her former commander and traced her finger lightly against the screen before clenching her fist.

"Commander X and Doctor Cain never released any official statements about how or why you went Maverick..." She whispered softly. "But...I know somehow I'll find the answer." She reached over and grabbed her can of energy fluids and twisted the tab off. On the screen, Arianthe saw herself squealing with joy after shooting a perfect score on a test administered by Storm Eagle. She had been his star pupil. But now even here, Arianthe knew other humans and reploids watched her for any sign of becoming a maverick.

She sighed ad took a long gulp.

"So this is where you are, Arianthe."

She blinked and looked up at the Azure Hunter himself, X. Arianthe took a hard look at him and reverted back to her screen. "And this is where I am." She simply stated and then mumbled under her breath, "...where I'll hopefully be not bothered after this."

X crossed his arms over his chest and puffed out his cheeks. "I...I don't know how many times I need to apologize about Storm Eagle."

Arianthe's eye twitched and she glanced up at X. "It's not just that you killed him, COMmander." She said, exaggerating the com. "It's that you won't release any information leading up to his time of death...AT your hands, mind you."

"And as I stated, that information is highly classified. Until then, all you need to know was that he was declared a Maverick and as Maverick Hunters that's our duty! To protect reploids and humans alike from Mavericks!"

"But what if we made a mistake?" Arianthe countered hotly.

X opened his mouth but closed it, tucking his chin in. There was an awkward moment of silence between them. Arianthe closed her laptop and went to stand up when X reached out for her arm.

"Dirge and Cobalt are currently investigating Harvest Vulture. They may need some help along the way and..."

"Since I'm one of the fastest on the aerial unit, you'd like me to play delivery girl huh?" Arianthe raised her eyebrow. "And if I refuse?"

X seemed to swallow but then gave her a very familiar look. "Isn't defying orders a sign of being a Maverick?"

Arianthe backed away from X and briefly gave him a nod before running off. That look he had given her, she had only seen one place else.

It was the same look Zero gave when he gave orders...and no one refused him.

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